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I am going to review this book because it is an historically important artifact. Titled, "The Vampire of Europe" it is an attack on England and England's successful foreign policy of playing one European power against another in order to advance English interests. It makes the case that England has sucked the life out of Europe to enrich itself.
There is a lot of historical fact to this. England's greatest Kings and Queens are praised in English history for their ability to play the powers of Europe against one another to first protect English Liberty and later promote the British Empire. England is convicted, by her own praise of her own Leaders of the crimes this book acuses her of.
Still, politics and war are dirty games. The European countries were playing the same games with more or less success, and used England as an ally in their own fights for power and success. It is rather bad sportsmanship to condemn England for doing what everyone else was doing.
What I reallly like about it is that it is a perfect counter argument to anti-semitism and "The Protocols of Zion". England banished all Jews from her soil after the First Crusade and refused to allow a single Jew to set foot on English soil till the 18th or 19th century. So, while England was successfully playing the Vampire of Europe, and successfully manipulating the world to its own ends, it did so in the total absence of any Jewish influence at all. This proves clearly the falsehood of the idea of Jews running the world. There is no World Jewish Conspiracy. The Jews have never been anything but beggars at the table of the great powers of Europe.

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