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Once again, Crutcher assembles a crew of misfits to tackle the Big Issues. Sarah Byrnes, her face hideously scarred from what she calls a childhood accident, sits silent and withdrawn in the psychiatric ward; her friend Eric (``Moby''), who has admired her since grade school as the toughest person he knows, wonders what could have finally pushed her over the edge. Between trenchant classroom ... Read full review

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I first read Chris Crutcher's The 'Sledding Hill'. I was disappointed with that one so was a little hesitant about reading another of his books but this was what I thought I was going to be getting in ... Read full review

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It's truly a good book. Great for teenage readers deals with everyday problems in the book

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I liked the book, but it didn't say the setting. I need to know it for a project. But I thought it had a little bit too much cursing. Still a good book, though.

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i love the suspense and the way he puts the story line. when i started the detals were just too much but as i read i saw how the smallest detail helped bild to the climax. the book is so good that when i turend to a bad seane it was just like what happend. when i put the book i want to know what happens next. 

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I read this book about a year ago and cried! It is one of the best books on friendship and loyalty. A friend remains his weight in order to boost the self-confidence of another friend. The love and time that these two characters develop an ever-lasting friendship is cherished by the reader.

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A book about friendship and trust, obesity and bullying.

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clever, the boy has a very sarcastic, and honest, true, sense of humor. but though you find yourself laughing one moment. the next you are fighting back tears. this book is really great. its a real life happily ever after story, but not in the way you would think.

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