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I met Waylon in a shoe store in Scottsdale, Az. in 1963. His guitar player, Jerry Gropp, sold shoes for an old cigar chewing,guy. I worked there too, selling shoes. We both played guitar and we brought our guitars to work so we could play during breaks and at lunch time in the back stock room of the store.
One morning, while we were talking music, Jerry said that he had a night gig at Frankies Cocktail Lounge on east Thomas Road in Phoenix and that the lead singer was a former friend of the late Buddy Holley, named Waylon Jennings. I told him I had never heard of him. He said that Waylon played with Buddy back in the old days and tht he was coming by our store the next day to drop off a Gibson that Waylon received from Buddy many years prior.
The next day, while our owner/manager was off at the Pink Pony having a drink, Waylon walked in to the store sporting black leather tight pants tucked into calf high black boots. A black silk shirt with a black leather short waist jacket. I thought he looked like something from a bad British rock band.
The three of us talked for over an hour and played guitars and sang a few numbers. Waylon then asked me if I would like to come and sit in with the band the next night at his gig. I said sure. The next night my wife, Lucy and I went to the bar and sure enough, Waylon asked me to come sing a tune. I took my baritone ukulele up and sang a solo of "scotch & soda" from the kingston Trio. I guess he liked it because the next time he came to the store he asked me if I'd like to come sing again. I thanked him but declined his invitation. Several months later, Jerry Gropp told me that he had been dropped from the band abnd that Waylon had signed with RCA and was going to another gig in north Scottsdale. That was the last time I saw Waylon.

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