Annual report of the State Board of Charities of the state of New York, Volume 19

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Weed, Parsons and Company, 1886
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Page 256 - ... this act apply to professional actors, artists, lecturers, or singers, nor to persons employed strictly as personal or domestic servants : Provided, That nothing in this act shall be construed as prohibiting any individual from assisting any member of his family or any relative or personal friend to migrate from any foreign country to the United States for the purpose of settlement here.
Page 237 - Said Commissioner shall have power to summon and compel the attendance of witnesses, and to administer oaths, whenever he may deem it necessary to do so in order to learn the propriety of committing or removing a child to or from any institution.
Page 193 - April, 1863, an act of incorporation was secured for the institution, under the title of the "society for the protection of destitute Roman catholic children in the city of New York.
Page 256 - That from and after the passage of this act it shall be unlawful for any person, company, partnership, or corporation, in any manner whatsoever, to prepay the transportation, or in any way assist or encourage the importation or migration of any alien or aliens, any foreigner or foreigners, into the United States, its Territories, or the District of Columbia, under contract or. agreement, parol or special, express or implied, made previous to the importation or migration of such alien or aliens, foreigner...
Page 5 - Attorney-General Albany. MEMBERS APPOINTED BY THE GOVERNOR AND SENATE. First Judicial District. . . WM. R. STEWART, 54 William street, New York. New York County JOHN J. MILHAU, 41 Lafayette place, New York.
Page 237 - ... rules and regulations for all hospitals, asylums, almshouses and other institutions belonging to or hereafter acquired or established by the city of New York, which are or shall be devoted to the care of the feeble-minded, the sick, the infirm and the destitute; except the...
Page 238 - ... and, by examination of the books and by such other means as he may deem necessary, such inspector shall particularly satisfy himself as to the correctness of...
Page 184 - Founded in 1856. Under charge of the Sisters of the Order of The Marianite Sisters of the Holy Cross. 215 West Thirty-ninth street. Objects: "To receive and provide for destitute and unprotected orphan and half-orphan children of both sexes, of French birth or parentage and others; and to educate them in the Roman Catholic faith.
Page 198 - ... for their support and moral, physical, intellectual and industrial education ; also to provide such lying-in wards and methods of care and guidance as shall tend to prevent the maternal abandonment of homeless infants and diminish the moral dangers and personal sufferings to which homeless mothers are exposed.
Page 233 - The occurrence of an epidemic of purulent ophthalmia not only produces cases of partial or entire blindness, but spoils the integrity of the lining of the eyelids. This latter condition, of proliferation or thickening of the conjunctiva of the eyelids, and production of socalled granulations, is a most obstinate and incorrigible affection. It leads in very many cases to a life of troublesome eyes, to cloudy cornea and imperfect sight, or ultimately ulcerations, staphyloma, and possibly destruction...

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