American Journal of Pharmacy, Volume 32

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Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science., 1869 - Pharmacology
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Page 550 - Of ill-shap'd fishes ; and about his shelves A beggarly account of empty boxes, Green earthen pots, bladders, and musty seeds, Remnants of packthread, and old cakes of roses, Were thinly scatter'd to make up a show.
Page 376 - ... shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction, be sentenced to pay a fine, not exceeding fifty dollars.
Page 397 - The General Council shall cause to be published under their direction a book containing a list of medicines and compounds, and the manner of preparing them, together with the true weights and measures by which they are to be prepared and mixed, and containing such other matter and things relating thereto as the General Council shall think fit, to be called
Page 414 - ... with half a tumbler of cold or tepid water, and apply freely with a sponge or cloths dipped in the mixture to the parts affected. One or two applications will often suffice for a cure, but if the disease has been of long duration, several days may elapse before entire relief is obtained. In severe cases of poisoning, cloths dipped in the solution may be bound upon the parts, and, if necessary, more of the fluid extract added, thus increasing the strength of the application. The most obstinate...
Page 439 - Binzgau, knew only two arsenic eaters — one the gentlemen whose case has just been related, the other the ranger of the hunting district in Grossarl, named Trauner. This man was at the advanced age of 81, still a keen chamois hunter, and an active climber of mountains ; he met his death by a fall from a mountain height, while engaged in his occupation. Mr.
Page 439 - Kursinger says he always seemed very healthy, and every evening regularly, after remaining a little too long over his glass, he took a dose of arsenic, which enabled him to get up the next morning perfectly sober and quite bright.
Page 285 - A Medico-Legal Treatise on Malpractice and Medical Evidence, comprising the Elements of Medical Jurisprudence.
Page 436 - The arsenic is taken pure in some warm liquid, as coffee, fasting, beginning with a bit the size of of a pin's head, and increasing to that of a pea. The complexion and general appearance are much improved, and the parties using it seldom look so old as they really are...
Page 440 - The reason of the frequency of these sad cases appears to me to be the familiarity with arsenic which exists in our country, particularly the higher parts. There is hardly a district in Upper Styria where you will not find arsenic in at least one house, under the name of hydrach. They use it for the complaints of domestic animals, to kill vermin, and as a stomachic to excite an appetite.
Page 53 - The plant for which the name Amomum Korarima has been proposed is entirely unknown. OLIBANUM. — The Olibanum found in European commerce is believed to be produced partly on the African coast near Cape Gardafui, and partly on the southern coast of Arabia, whence it is shipped to Bombay. Olibanum is also produced in India by certain species of Boswellia called Salai or Saleh, one of which is B. glabra, Roxb., another B.

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