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Scott, Greenwood & Son, 1907 - Soap - 385 pages
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Page 20 - THE TECHNICAL TESTING OF YARNS AND TEXTILE FABRICS. With Reference to Official Specifications Translated from the German of Dr. J. HERZFELD. Second Edition. Sixty-nine Illustrations. 200 pp. Demy 8vo.
Page 3 - THE MANUFACTURE OF MINERAL AND LAKE PIGMENTS. Containing Directions for the Manufacture of all Artificial, Artists and Painters' Colours, Enamel, Soot and Metallic Pigments. A text-book for Manufacturers, Merchants, Artists and Painters. By Dr. JOSEF BERSCH. Translated by AC WRIGHT, MA (Oxon.), B.Sc. (Lond.). Fortythree Illustrations. 476 pp. Demy 8vo. Price 12s. 6d. net. (Post free, 13s.
Page 29 - TIMBER : A Comprehensive Study of Wood in all its Aspects (Commercial and Botanical), showing the different Applications and Uses of Timber in Various Trades, etc. Translated from the French of PAUL CHARPENTIER. Royal 8vo. 437 pp. 178 Illustrations. Price 12s. 6d. net. (Post free, 13s.
Page 16 - RECIPES FOR FLINT GLASS MAKING. By a British Glass Master and Mixer. Sixty Recipes. Being Leaves from the Mixing Book of several experts in the Flint Glass Trade, containing up-to-date recipes and valuable information as to Crystal, Demi-crystal and Coloured Glass in its many varieties. It contains the recipes for cheap metal suited to pressing, blowing, etc., as well as the most costly crystal and ruby.
Page 9 - THE MANUFACTURE OF ALUM AND THE SULPHATES AND OTHER SALTS OF ALUMINA AND IRON. Their Uses and Applications as Mordants in Dyeing and Calico Printing, and their other Applications in the Arts, Manufactures, Sanitary Engineering, Agriculture and Horticulture. Translated from the French of LUCIEN GESCHWIND. 195 Illustrations.
Page 7 - THE OIL MERCHANTS' MANUAL AND OIL TRADE READY RECKONER. Compiled by FRANK F. SHERRIFF. Second Edition Revised and Enlarged. Demy 8vo.
Page 21 - (Post free, 9s. home; 9s. 6d. abroad.) FAULTS IN THE MANUFACTURE OF WOOLLEN GOODS AND THEIR PREVENTION. By NICOLAS REISER. Translated from the Second German Edition. Crown 8vo. Sixty-three Illustrations. 170 pp. Price 5s. net. (Post free, 5s. 4d. home ; 5s. 6d. abroad.) SPINNING AND WEAVING CALCULATIONS, especially relating to Woollens.
Page 8 - Price 12s. 6d. net. (Post free, 13s. home ; 13s. 6d. abroad.) (Cosmetical Preparations.) COSMETICS: MANUFACTURE, EMPLOYMENT AND TESTING OF ALL COSMETIC MATERIALS AND COSMETIC SPECIALITIES. Translated from the German of Dr. THEODOR KOLLER.
Page 15 - ARCHITECTURAL POTTERY. Bricks, Tiles, Pipes, Enamelled Terra-cottas, Ordinary and Incrusted Quarries, Stoneware Mosaics, Faiences and Architectural Stoneware. By LEON LEFEVRE.
Page 28 - Price 2s. 6d. net. (Post free, 2s. 9d. home; 2s. lOd. abroad.) Brewing and Botanical. HOPS IN THEIR BOTANICAL, AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL ASPECT, AND AS AN ARTICLE OF COMMERCE. By EMMANUEL GROSS, Professor at the Higher Agricultural College, Tetschen-Liebwerd. Translated from the German. Seventy-eight Illustrations.

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