Fern Leaves from Fanny's Portfolio

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Miller, Orton & Mulligan, 1854 - 400 pages

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Page 40 - No sickness there, nor drooping head, nor fading eye, nor weary feet. By the green pastures, tended by the good Shepherd, linger the little lambs of the heavenly fold. " Two in heaven ! " Earth less attractive. Eternity nearer. Invisible cords, drawing the maternal soul upwards. " Still small " voices, ever whispering, Come ! to the worldweary spirit.
Page 265 - THE day was gloomy and chill. At the freshly-opened grave stood a little delicate girl of five years, the only mourner for the silent heart beneath. Friendless, hopeless, homeless, she had wept till she had no more tears to shed; and now she stood, with her scanty clothing fluttering in the chill wind, pressing her little hands tightly over her heart, as if to still its beating.
Page 16 - FATHER is coming!" and little round faces grow long, and merry voices are hushed, and toys are hustled into the closet; and mamma glances nervously at the door ; and baby is bribed with a lump of sugar to keep the peace ; and father's...
Page 266 - ... for the biggest. Poor Allie, with pale cheeks and swollen eyelids, was staggering up and down the floor under the weight of a mammoth baby, who was amusing himself by pulling out at intervals little handfuls of her hair. "Quiet that child, can't ye?" said Mrs. Fetherbee, in no very gentle tone. " I don't wonder the darling is cross to see such a solemn face. You must get a little life into you somehow, or you won't earn the salt to your porridge here. There, I declare you've half put his eyes...
Page 144 - As he lay in his innocence there ! But I saw when she gazed on the same lovely form, Pale as marble, and silent, and cold, But paler and colder her beautiful boy, And the tale of her sorrow was told: But the Healer was there, who had...
Page 267 - ... said the lady, with a vexed toss of her head. " That's the way benevolence is always rewarded. Nothing on earth to do here but tend the baby and amuse the children, and run to the door, and wash the dishes, and dust the furniture, and tidy the kitchen, and go of a few errands. Ungrateful little baggage!" Jemmy's heart was as big as his farm, and that covered considerable ground. Glancing pitifully at the little weeper, he said skilfully,
Page 137 - Harry, aa his head drooped on his mother's shoulder. It was a dearly-bought lesson ! Beside that lifeless corpse, Robert Lee renewed his marriage vow ; and now, when the hot blood of anger rises to his temples, and the hasty word springs to his lip, the pale face of the dead rises up between him and the offender, and an angel voice irhispers, " Peace, be still !
Page 377 - ... 11 have for dinner ; whether the cold lamb was all ate yesterday ; if the charcoal is all out, and what you gave for the last green tea you bought. Then he gets up from the table, lights his cigar with the last evening's paper, that you have not had a chance to read ; gives two or three whiffs of smoke, — which are sure to give you a headache for the afternoon, — and, just as his coattail is vanishing through the door, apologizes for not doing
Page 263 - It would be so much more comfortable to sit here in this cool room with closed blinds, en desJiabille, than to encounter this hot August sun, and sit down among a handful of people, and listen, perchance, to some inanimate preacher, who would drawl out the hymns very much as an ignorant nurserymaid might repeat melodies to a sleepy child. Now here's a nice book to read, newspapers too ; and there's that seductive little rocking-chair. Oh, I'll stay at home ! No I won't ; it's a bad habit. I always...
Page 25 - ... with a smile. Perhaps none but myself would have called her pretty ; but her eyes were full of love, and her voice of music. Every day she laid a little bunch of violets on my window. You might have thought it a trifling gift, but it was much to me ; for after my little sunbeam had vanished, I closed my eyes, and the fragrance of those tiny flowers carried me back...

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