American Journal of Philology

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Basil Lanneau Gildersleeve, Charles William Emil Miller, Tenney Frank, Benjamin Dean Meritt, Harold Fredrik Cherniss, Henry Thompson Rowell
Johns Hopkins University Press, 1907 - Philology
Features articles about literary interpretation and history, textual criticism, historical investigation, epigraphy, religion, linguistics, and philosophy. Serves as a forum for international exchange among classicists and philologists.

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Page 61 - Unum genus est quod pertinet ad finem bonorum, alterum quod positum est in praeceptis quibus in omnis partis usus vitae conformari possit. Superioris generis huius modi sunt exempla, omniane officia perfecta sint, num quod officium aliud alio maius sit, et quae sunt generis eiusdem.
Page 7 - M. 3. 7: Qui mihi non id videbantur accusare, quod esset accusandum. Nam si id culpa senectutis accideret, eadem mihi usu venirent reliquisque omnibus maioribus natu, quorum ego multorum cognovi senectutem sine querela.
Page 228 - studied, and the belief of Coleridge that it can be taught, and taught according to a conscious method suitable to schools. Thus Wordsworth, dividing all readers into five main classes, credits only the fifth, composed of students, with any sureness of appreciation: "And, lastly, there are many, who, having been enamoured of this art in their youth, have found leisure, after
Page 228 - He sent us to the University excellent Latin and Greek scholars, and tolerable Hebraists. Yet our classical knowledge was the least of the good gifts, which we derived from his zealous and conscientious tutorage.
Page 363 - that theories are only useful so long as they admit of the harmonious correlation of facts into a reasonable system. Directly a fact refuses to be pigeon-holed, and will not be explained on theoretic grounds, the theory must go or it must be revised to admit the new fact'.
Page 503 - praebendi fortunae sumus, ut contra illam ab ipsa duremur: paulatim nos sibi pares faciet, contemptum periculorum adsiduitas periclitandi dabit. Sic sunt nauticis corpora ferendo mari dura, agricolis manus tritae, ad excutienda tela militares lacerti ualent, agilia sunt membra cursoribus : id in quoque solidissimum est quod exercuit.
Page 278 - hie socius hominum in rustico opere et Cereris minister, ab hoc antiqui manus ita abstineri voluerunt ut capite sanxerint, si quis occidisset, qua in re testis Attice, testis Peloponnesos, nam ab hoc pecore Athenis
Page 392 - piaculo facere, illiusce sacri coercendi ergo harumque rerum ergo, sive ego, sive quis iussu meo fecerit, uti id recte factum siet, eius rei ergo te hoc porco piaculo inmolando bonas preces precor, uti sies volens propitius
Page 389 - The clue to the association is probably furnished by the old belief that the king is responsible for the fruits of the earth. We may conjecture that in like manner the Roman king was expected to make the fig-trees blossom and bear figs, and that, in order to do so, he
Page 277 - Ferrea turn vero proles exorta repente est Ausaque funestum prima est fabricarier ensem Et gustare manu vinctum domitumque iuvencum. Tanta putabatur utilitas percipi e bubus ut eorum visceribus vesci scelus haberetur".

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