Advances in Artificial General Intelligence: Concepts, Architectures and Algorithms : Proceedings of the AGI Workshop 2006

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Ben Goertzel, Pei Wang
IOS Press, 2007 - Computers - 295 pages
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The topic of this book the creation of software programs displaying broad, deep, human-style general intelligence is a grand and ambitious one. And yet it is far from a frivolous one: what the papers in this publication illustrate is that it is a fit and proper subject for serious science and engineering exploration. No one has yet created a software program with human-style or (even roughly) human-level general intelligence but we now have a sufficiently rich intellectual toolkit that it is possible to think about such a possibility in detail, and make serious attempts at design, analysis and engineering. possibility in detail, and make serious attempts at design, analysis and engineering. This is the situation that led to the organization of the 2006 AGIRI (Artificial General Intelligence Research Institute) workshop; and to the decision to publish a book from contributions by the speakers at the conference.

The material presented here only scratches the surface of the AGI-related R&D work that is occurring around the world at this moment. But the editors are pleased to have had the chance to be involved in organizing and presenting at least a small percentage of the contemporary progress.


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Aspects of Artificial General Intelligence
A Collection of Definitions of Intelligence
A Comparative Treatment
A Foundational Architecture for Artificial General Intelligence
A Working Hypothesis for General Intelligence
From NARS to a Thinking Machine
Adaptive Algorithmic Hybrids for HumanLevel Artificial Intelligence
Cognitive Map Dimensions of the Human Value System Extracted from Natural Language
Complex Systems Artificial Intelligence and Theoretical Psychology
Stages of Cognitive Development in UncertainLogicBased AI Systems
Indefinite Probabilities for General Intelligence
A ThoughtExperiment in Embodied Social Learning Cognitive Process Integration and the Dynamic Emergence of the Self
Probabilistic Logic Based Reinforcement Learning of Simple Embodied Behaviors in a 3D Simulation World
How Do We More Greatly Ensure Responsible AGI?
What Are the Bottlenecks and How Soon to AGI?
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Program Evolution for General Intelligence
Artificial Brains An Inexpensive Method for Accelerating the Evolution of Neural Network Modules for Building Artificial Brains

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