Do the Dead Depart?: And Other Questions

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Dodge Publishing Company, 1908 - Spiritualism - 263 pages
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Page 27 - Shall he for whose applause I strove, I had such reverence for his blame, See with clear eye some hidden shame, And I be lessened in his love ! " I wrong the grave with fears untrue ; Shall Love be blamed for want of faith ! There must be wisdom with great death ; The dead shall look me through and through. " Be near us when we climb or fall ; Ye watch, like God, the rolling hours, With larger, other eyes than ours, To make allowance for us all.
Page 91 - I mentioned this, my mother rose trembling to her feet and nearly fainted away, and as soon as she sufficiently recovered her self-possession, with tears streaming down her face, she exclaimed that I had indeed seen my sister, as no living mortal but herself was aware of that scratch, which she had accidentally made while doing some little act of kindness after my sister's death. She said she well remembered how pained she was to think...
Page 95 - I heard also the noise of the wings of the living creatures that touched one another, and the noise of the wheels over against them, and a noise of a great rushing.
Page 91 - ... all, how she had carefully obliterated all traces of the slight scratch with the aid of powder, etc., and that she had never mentioned it to a human being from that day to this. In proof, neither my father nor any of our family had detected it, and positively were unaware of the incident, yet I saw the scratch as bright as if just made. So strangely impressed was my mother, that even after she had retired to rest she got up and dressed, came to me and told me she knew at least that I had seen...
Page 95 - Then the spirit took me up, and I heard behind me a voice of a great rush13 ing, saying, Blessed be the glory of the Lord from his place.
Page 135 - There is a natural body and there is a spiritual body." Here is the basis of the true explanation. This spiritual body is the real, the permanent being. We are all, here and now, spiritual beings in the spiritual body, and in touch with spiritual forces. But — this spiritual body is temporarily clothed with a physical covering, in order that the individual may temporarily enter into relations with the physical world. We need to transpose our standard. The real world, the real life, is the spiritual;...
Page 91 - ... pained she was to think she should have, unintentionally, marred the features of her dead daughter, and that, unknown to all, how she had carefully obliterated all traces of the slight scratch with the aid of powder, etc., and that she had never mentioned it to a human being from that day to this.
Page 266 - Seen and Unseen. By E. KATHARINE BATES. Demy 8vo, cloth gilt. Second Edition. 6s. Also cheap edition, is. net, cloth. The late MR. WT Sn .-,; in The Review of Reviews.—" This book, 'Seen and Unseen,' by its simplicity, its lucidity, its obvious truthfulness and the capacity and standing? of its author, will probably effect a permanent breach in the thick and high wall with which many persons have shut themselves in from the unseen world, fearinu lest they should see or hear or scent anything...
Page 39 - Call them by name — by any pet name you used to use. Speak to them as if they were close to you as I fully believe they are. . . . In time, I feel quite sure, if you persevere and do not lose heart, some realization of the presence of the beloved one will come to you, so undeniable and so convincing to your own consciousness that a whole college of philosophers or scientists will not be able to persuade you that the one you loved and lost was not in close touch with you. There will be a feeling...
Page 111 - That flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God, Nor can corruption inherit incorruption.

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