Gemini 6: The NASA Mission Reports

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Robert Godwin
Apogee Books, 2000 - Science - 200 pages
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CD-ROM and Book. Lost in the glare of Apollo's success, the Gemini program is often forgotten. Without the ten successful manned Gemini missions NASA could not have accomplished Kennedy's seemingly impossible goal of landing a man on the moon in the 1960s. Gemini 6 the fifth manned flight of America's two-man spacecraft. Aboard were Commander Wally Schirra and rookie pilot Tom Stafford. Their original mission flight plan was to attempt the first ever docking and rendezvous in space, an essential step if the pilots flying Apollo would ever be able to meet up in orbit around the moon. The Soviet Union had claimed the first space rendezvous but many felt that unless the pilot was in control and able to manoeuvre around the accompanying vehicle it could not truly be called a rendezvous. On October 25th 1965 the target vehicle, known as Atlas/Agenda failed to make orbit and so the crew of Gemini 6 were suddenly presented with a totally revised and audacious flight plan. The long duration Gemini 7 mission was already scheduled for launch and so the crew of Gemini 6 were told that NASA would attempt a double manned mission and rendezvous. This was undoubtedly a risky proposition which would stretch the NASA infra-structure to its limits. On December 15th 1965 ace pilot Schirra and rendezvous maestro Stafford closed to within a meter of Gemini 7 and America was one step closer to the moon. Includes: Windows CD-ROM featuring: an exclusive recent interview with Commander Wally Schirra; all of the still photo images taken during the mission; two 28 minutes -- 'Gemini Science' and 'Gemini 7 and 6' plus the complete 16 mm film from the mission.

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Robert Godwin is the owner and founder of Apogee Space Books. He is also the Space Curator at the Canadian Air & Space Museum. He has written or edited over 100 books including the award winning series "The NASA Mission Reports". Robert has appeared on dozens of radio and television programs in Canada, the USA and England as an expert on, not only music, but also space exploration. His books have been discussed on CNN, the CBC, the BBC and CBS 60 Minutes. He produced the first ever virtual reality panoramas of the Apollo lunar surface photography and the first multi-camera angle movie of the Apollo 11 moonwalk. His last book "New Horizons" expanded on that previous ground-breaking work.

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