Die erzählung von Apollonius aus Tyrus: Eine geschichtliche untersuchung über ihre lateinische urform und ihre späteren bearbeitungen

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Walter De Gruyter Incorporated, 1899 - Apollonius of Tyre - 532 pages
Betrifft die Handschrift Cod. 208 der Burgerbibliothek Bern (S. 113, 530).

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Page 481 - The Painfull Adventures of Pericles Prince of Tyre. Being the true History of the Play of Pericles, as it was lately presented by the worthy and ancient Poet lohn Gower. At London. Printed by TP for Nat. Butter. 1608.
Page 363 - Appolonius, the lady Lucina his wife, and Tharsia his daughter, wherein the uncertaintie of this world and the fickle state of man's life are lively described. Translated into English by T. Twine, Gent.
Page 471 - ... sentences occur in Chaucer, it is necessary to pay strict attention to the context in order to determine the exact value of that. In the following sentences, however, that might be replaced by which: Theffect is this, that Alla, out of drede, His moder slow, that (which) men may pleinly rede M. of LT 796. How that the cursed king Antiochus Birafte his doghter of hir maydenhede, That (which) is so horrible a tale for to rede M. of LT Introd. 84. Lo, nece, I trowe ye...
Page 475 - Ihe most famous and mightie king Antiochus, which builded the goodly citie of Antiochia in Syria, and called it after his own name, as the chiefesi seat of all his dominions.
Page 405 - ... hallarás una estatua riquísima de mármol, dorada, que es la misma figura de tu padre, que los senadores desta ciudad le hicieron por cierto socorro que les hizo, y te abraces con ella dando voces y diciendo: Señores, catad que soy hija de quien es esta estatua. Los ciudadanos no puede ser menos que, conosciendo el beneficio de tu padre, no te favorezcan".
Page 283 - At regina graui iamdudum saucia cura uulnus alit uenis et caeco carpitur igni. multa uiri uirtus animo multusque recursat gentis honos; haerent infixi pectore uultus uerbaque nee placidam membris dat cura quietem.
Page 371 - And when he had recovered to land, wearie as he was, he stoode upon the shoare, and looked upon the calme sea, saying: O most false and untrustie sea! I will choose rather to fall into the handes of the most cruell king Antiochus, than venture to returne againe by thee into mine owne countrey...
Page 465 - Where that my lond is and my rente, I lefte at Tire whan that I wente, The worship there of which I ought Unto the God I there betought.
Page 212 - Longino consulari conlocatam abduxit et in modum iustae uxoris propalam habuit ; heredem quoque bonorum atque 2 imperil aeger instituit. Eadem defuncta iustitium indixit, in quo risisse lavisse cenasse cum parentibus aut coniuge liberisve capital fuit. Ac maeroris impatiens, cum repente noctu profugisset ab urbe transcucurrissetque Campaniam, Syracusas petit, rursusque inde propere rediit barba capilloque promisso...

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