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I loved this book!!!! That's the first thing I have to say about it.....
The story of Carley & her "vacation" to the Amish country was so telling & interesting. Then you bring in the sad
situation of what happens to her friend, Lillian's son & the story really gets involved when they see who the doctor is - the brother of Samuel, who has been shunned - & David is willing to do whatever it takes, even risking his own life.
The struggle that Carley goes through as she's learning this new way of life is written so beautifully. As she realized that God has been with her all along, even when she faced tragedy of loosing her mother in an accident & how that accident affected her life. Anger would stir up & she turned from God - but Carley soon learns through these amazing people that God is still there.
A romance forms with Dr. Noah & Carley & its romantic, fun & heart breaking.... Carley's life after the accident causes her to believe no one would want to marry her & her reaction to Dr. Noah breaks hearts.. mine included.
Personally, it struck home because I could personally know the pain that Carley was going through... (I hate it because I never want to give too much away).....
In the end, you see reconciliations that you would never believe would be possible, between families, between God, in relationships you werent sure would work out... & in the end, you realize that God is in control of it all....
I will note too - I did not read the first book in this series & apparently, it didnt affect my enjoyment in this book, so dont let that hinder you! I am totally interested in getting that book though & checking it out - if its as good as this one, I know I'll enjoy that one too!

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