The Marriage of Wit and Wisdom: An Ancient Interlude

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James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps
Shakespeare society, 1846 - English drama - 147 pages
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Page 69 - Making it momentary as a sound, Swift as a shadow, short as any dream ; Brief as the lightning in the collied night, That, in a spleen, unfolds both heaven and earth. And ere a man hath power to say, — Behold ! The jaws of darkness do devour it up : So quick bright things come to confusion.
Page iv - The Council of the Shakespeare Society desire it to be understood that they are not answerable for any opinions or observations that may appear in the Society's publications ; the Editors of the several works being alone responsible for the same.
Page 111 - Walworth the major of London, & soe he and his wholle Army was overthrowen. Therfore in such a case or the like, never admit any party, wt'tA-out a bar betwen, for A man cannot be so wise, nor kepe him selfe to safe.
Page 112 - ... to safe. Also remember howe the Duke of Gloster, the Erell of Arundell, Oxford and others, crossing the kinge in his humor about the Duke of Erland and Bushy, wer glad to fly and raise an hoste of men, and beinge in his castell, howe the D. of Erland cam by nighte to betray him with 300 men, but...
Page 114 - Cimbalim, stolen from him when they were but 2 yers old by an old man whom Cymbalin banished, and he kept them as his own sonns 20 yers with him in A cave.
Page ix - Now, for as much as in these latter days, Throughout the whole world in every land, Vice doth increase, and virtue decays, Iniquity having the upper hand; We therefore intend, good gentle audience, A pretty short interlude to play at this present, Desiring your leave and quiet silence To show the same, as it is meet and expedient. It is called the Marriage of Wit and Wisdom...
Page 85 - Elder times haue vs'd ye same, Though these new ones get ye name, So in story whats now told That takes not part with days of old ? Then to prove times mutuall glorye ioyne new times love to old times storye.
Page 15 - Wold God that I might hap to hit Upon some good resort, Some pleasant pastime for to find, And use some better sporte. Idlenes. Mary, no better; I am even as fitt 90 For that purpose as a rope for a theefe. And you will be lusty, cry "hay!
Page 146 - ... base a manner, That it's noe creditt, but rather a staine : Tush, it's noe matter what people doe say, The name of a knight a whole village will sway...
Page 108 - Then Jake a Lent comes justlynge in With the hedpeece of a herynge ; And saythe, repent yowe of yower syn, For shame, syrs, leve yower swerynge...