Structures of Sin, Cultures of Meaning: Social Science and Theology

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1stBooks Library, 2003 - Religion - 400 pages

Cross-cultural studies have shown many times that the immediate benefits of Infant Massage include not only the promotion of sounder, longer sleeping patterns, but present a baby with a more overall comforted and soothed disposition. These contribute to an improved overall interaction and have an enormous affect on parent-baby bonding in the first few months of life.

Ady breaks down the main components and functions of each body system, addressing not only healthy newborns, but also over 50 of the most common conditions, disorders and diseases affecting newborns. Concluding each body system with its correlating benefits of Infant Massage, you will really learn exactly how Infant Massage affects every system! Each ailment is also internet-linked, giving the reader more opportunity for further research as well as support.

Special features:

Outstanding photography by, Charles W. Lytton, a retired Army & National Geographic photographer.

Aromatherapy guide for babies and toddlers.

Post-partum Exerci

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