Travels in India,: During the Years 1780, 1781, 1782, and 1783

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printed for the author, and sold by J. Edwards, 1794 - India - 154 pages
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Page 131 - Wheel through the air, in circling eddies play, Tear up the fands, and fweep whole plains away. The helplefs traveller, with wild furprize, Sees the dry defert all around him rife, And, fmother'd in the dufty whirlwind, dies.
Page 101 - ... and painted with ornaments and flowers. It is afcended by fteps from a flower garden, laid out in the fame manner as we fee in Indian paintings, which are all in fquare plats, in which are planted flowers of the ftrongeft fcent; fo ftrong, indeed, as to be offenfive at firft to the nerves of a European. The exterior of the building is not to be commended : it reminded me of what I had imagined might be the ftyle of a Baron's caftle in Europe, about the twelfth century.
Page 83 - ... a man with a lighted brand. From the time the woman appeared, to the taking up of the body to convey it into...
Page 3 - The firft falutation he receives from thefe ftrangers is by bending their bodies very low, touching the deck with the back of the hand, and the forehead three times.
Page 139 - Lieutenant Cameron, our engineer, next mounted, and tied a rope ladder to the battlement of the wall ; this kind of ladder being the only one adapted to the purpofe of...
Page 91 - THE ceremony took place about nine o'clock. Before a fmall hut, and about fix feet from the ground, was raifed a kind of altar made of bamboos . The grand facrifice was preceded by the decolation of a kid and a cock, the heads of which were thrown upon the altar, and there remained : little attention however was paid to this part of the ceremony by any of the party prefent.
Page 17 - ... of the people. Throughout the kingdom of Bengal it appears highly flourifhing in tillage of every kind, and abounding in cattle. The villages are neat and clean, and filled with fwarms of people. ^ THERE are few objects to attract the attention of the curious traveller from Calcutta, until he reaches the plains of Plafley.
Page 40 - ... their motions, using much gesticulation, and telling history to excite either laughter or exertion. In one part of the stern is a canopy supported by pillars, on which are seated the owner and his friends, who partake of the refreshing breezes of the evening. These boats are very expensive, owing to the beautiful decorations of painted and gilt ornaments, which are highly varnished and exhibit .a considerable degree of taste...
Page 143 - ... for an eating and sitting room, and rooms at each corner for sleeping; the whole is covered with one general thatch, which comes low to each side; the spaces between the angle rooms are viranders or open porticos to sit in during the evenings; the center hall is lighted from the sides with windows and a large door in the center. Sometimes the center viranders at each end are converted into rooms.
Page 14 - As the fhip approaches Calcutta the river narrows ; that which is called the Garden Reach, prefents a view of handfome buildings, on a flat furrounded by gardens : thefe are villas belonging to the opulent inhabitants of Calcutta. The...

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