Medical jurisprudence, Volume 1

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W. Phillips, 1823 - Medical jurisprudence
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Page 326 - There is a partial insanity of mind, and a total insanity. The former is either in respect to things quoad hoc vel illud insanire. Some persons that have a competent use of reason in respect of some subjects, are yet under a particular dementia in respect of some particular discourses, subjects, or applications, or else it is partial in respect of degrees; and this is the condition of very many, especially melancholy...
Page 232 - TENANT by the curtesy of England is where a man taketh a wife seised in fee simple, or in fee tail general, or seised as heir in tail especial, and hath issue by the same wife, male or female born alive, albeit the issue after dieth or liveth, yet if the wife dies, the husband shall hold the land during his life by the law of England.
Page 132 - The most pernicious infection, next the plague, is the smell of the jail, when prisoners have been long, and close, and nastily kept; whereof we have had in our time experience twice or thrice ; when both the judges that sat upon the jail, and numbers of those that attended the business or were present, sickened upon it, and died.
Page 331 - ... and confined me in a dark and damp cell. Not liking this situation, I was induced to play the hypocrite. I pretended extreme sorrow for having threatened him, and, by an affectation of repentance, prevailed on him to release me. For several days I paid him great attention, and lent him every assistance : he seemed much pleased with the flattery, and became very friendly in his behaviour towards me. Going one day into the kitchen where his wife was busied, I saw a knife — (this was too great...
Page 68 - Seal of the Society of the Art and Mystery of Apothecaries of the City of London...
Page 40 - Kent, to shew cause why a mandamus should not issue directed to them, commanding them to admit F.
Page 361 - Et pier cur. it lies ; for he transferred it with the original wrong, and his demise affirms the continuance of it : he hath also rent as a consideration for the continuance, and therefore ought to answer the damage it occasions.
Page 68 - Society to support the charge thereof, for the manifestation of the power, wisdom and glory of God in the works of the Creation, and that their apprentices and others may better distinguish good and useful plants from those that bear resemblance to them and yet are hurtful, and other the like good purposes.
Page 428 - ... appears, on strict examination by the Court, to possess a sufficient knowledge, of the nature and consequences of an oath; for there is no precise or fixed rule as to the time within which infants are excluded from giving evidence ; but their admissibility depends upon the sense and reason they entertain of the danger and impiety of falsehood, which is to be collected from their answers to questions propounded to them by the Court; but if they are found incompetent to take an oath, their testimony...
Page 392 - The question of fraud cannot exist in this case. When a man makes insurance upon a life generally, without any representation of the state of the life insured, the insurer takes all the risk, unless there was some fraud in the person insuring, either by his suppressing some circumstance which he knew, or by alleging what was false ; but if the person knew no more than the insurer, the latter takes the risk...

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