Florula Ludoviciana; Or, A Flora of the State of Louisiana

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C. Wiley & Company, 1817 - Botany - 178 pages

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Page 1 - Florula Ludoviciana: | or, | a flora | of the | state of Louisiana. | Translated, revised and improved, from the French of CC Robin, | by CS Rafinesque, | Of the Royal Institute of Naples, the Academy of Natural Sciences of | Philadelphia, the Literary and Philosophical Society of New- York, the Lyceum of Natural History of New- York, f &c.
Page 27 - Caulibus ramosis, ramis geniculatis, patulis, teretibus, intus crenulatis; foliis petiolatis, lanceolatis, glabris; floribus spicatis confertis octandris, distylis, staminis inclusis, stylis exertis elongatis. Raf. — Renouee 1. Rob. p. 366. Large plant, four or five feet high, branches purplish, every one of which bears a fine, thick spike, about three inches long, of rose coloured flowers. This species, and all the following, grow in swamps, moist grounds, and along the rivers; they are called...
Page 107 - ... must be regarded as fictitious, and unworthy of the slightest notice." No mention was made of the earlier spelling Scoria or of the typographical error, when Rafinesque (1817, p. 109) technically published his genus Hicorius...
Page 171 - Descriptio Uberior Graminum et Plantarum Calamariarum Americae Septentrionalis indigenarum et cicurum. Auctore D. Henrico Muhlenberg ... . Philadelphia : ... Solomon IF.
Page 5 - In perusing this Flora, I was astonished to find, among many blunders in nomenclature and classification, several accurate descriptions and valuable additions to the knowledge of plants, their geography, utility, and natural history. Having, therefore, compared with attention all his descriptions with the Floras of North...
Page 169 - GLARISIANUM Blainville. Palaeobalistum Blainville, 338; type DIODON ORBICULARIS Volta (fossil). XCVIII. RAFINESQUE, Description of two new Genera of North American Fishes, OPSANUS and NOTROPIS: American Monthly Magazine and Critical Review, January 1818. CONSTANTINE SAMUEL RAFINESQUE. Opsanus Rafinesque, 203; type OPSANUS CERAPALUS Raf. (GADUS TAU L.). This genus has been usually and wrongly called BATRACHUS. Notropis Rafinesque, 204; type NOTROPIS ATHERINOIDES Raf. (ALBURNUS RUBELLUS Agassiz).
Page 9 - Mexico since Louisiana, lying on the borders of that Empire, must of course possess a botany partly Mexican and consequently highly interesting.' The author lists ten native plants as 'ornamental and worth cultivating in gardens for their sweet scent and the elegance of their forms.
Page 9 - Louisiana gardens, — they do not all 'persist' in Bailey! The author ends the introduction to his book with the wish 'that these hints may induce some Botanists to dig into that rich mine, and I look forward with confidence to the period when the vegetable productions of the southwest corner of the Union will be equally known with those of the opposite quarter'.
Page 39 - Caule villoso, foliis ovalis subintegris, floribus tetrandris paiiiculatis verticillatis. Raf. — C. Scabriuscula Rob. p. 390. Grows near woods, stem scarcely two feet, flowers yellowish. The variety of C. Scabra found by Mr. Lyons with four stamens and larger flowers (see the Flora of Pursh) belongs perhaps to this species, which together with C. Anisata. might properly form a sub-genus (or a new genus) having four fertile stamina, to which the name of Hypogon might be given.
Page 5 - America of Michaux and Pursh, I became convinced that a great number of new genera and species, unknown to those authors, were described by Robin.

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