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Bird by Bird was actually a re-read for me. I can't remember the first time I read this (which was sometime in between its publication in 1994 and a few years back), but I liked it well enough then ... Read full review

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A book I've been meaning to read for a long time. Accessible, funny and wise. Great personal and practical advice for writers, both aspiring and practicing. Read full review

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A very dear friend was appalled that I hadn't read any of Lamott's non-fiction that she sent two books to me. (For full disclosure, I had read one fiction book and had found it deeply lacking leading ... Read full review

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Excellent book for anyone, but particularly for aspiring writers. Real-world advice delivered with great humor and spiced with many moments of "been there myself and I know exactly how you feel". I thought I was the only arrogant loser out there who had those "I'm a genius/I'm a hack" moments before I read this book. How less-than-comforting to know that even if I have as much success in the future as Ms. Lamott, that lovely demon will still be there by my side. At least he'll have good company as I'm sure a dog-eared copy of Bird by Bird will be right here with him, errrr.... I mean us.  

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In Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott gives poignant and sometimes funny stories of her own life and writing to illustrate her many points. Anne begins by telling the story of growing up with a writer as a father and the scorn or popularity it may entail. One time, her older brother had procrastinated on a report on birds that was due the next day. He was breaking down and close to tears at the prospect of writing about all those birds in one night. Their father then gave him the advice that names the book: “Bird by bird, buddy. Just take it bird by bird.”
These stories of childhood, friends, family, and motherhood only garnish the trunk and stems of the tree where the birds sit. The book mainly focuses on how to write and Anne’s own experiences with it. She talks about how to treat your characters, why not to be frustrated with a first draft, why you should write for the sake of writing, not just to get published. All of these items of interest will render the reader satisfied.
Anne is a very blatant writer in that she gets her point across quickly and skillfully. If she thinks her first drafts are shitty, she will come out and say it in stead of holding her tongue. On the other hand, she is very poignant and thoughtful with her words. Her son, Sam, is an underlying topic to most of the book and her journey with him outlined perfectly. Overall, her ideas and feelings are a joy to read and I think anyone would appreciate this wonderful meditation.

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User Review  - TerriS - LibraryThing

I always enjoy Anne Lamott, and I enjoyed this one just as much! Read full review

Anne Lamott Does it Again!

User Review  - zzz -

Reading this book makes me want to write almost as much as I want to knit. She always has an amazing perspective on life. Read full review

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There is very little new "advice" in Bird by Bird. What made the book for me was the author's humor and wry outlook. Read full review

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