The Life of the Universe as Conceived by Man from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time, Volume 1

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Harper & brothers, 1909 - Cosmogony - 267 pages
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Page 36 - A creature of a more exalted kind Was wanting yet, and then was Man design'd : Conscious of thought, of more capacious breast, For empire form'd, and fit to rule the rest: Whether with particles of heav'nly fire The God of Nature did his soul inspire, Or Earth, but new divided from the sky, And, pliant, still retain'd th' aetherial energy : Which wise Prometheus temper'd into paste, And, mixt with living streams, the godlike image cast.
Page 5 - Gloom hid in gloom existed first — one sea, eluding view. That One, a void in chaos wrapt, by inward fervour grew. Within it first arose desire, the primal germ of mind, Which nothing with existence links, as sages searching find. The kindling ray that shot across the dark and drear abyss — Was it beneath ? or high aloft ? What bard can answer this ? There fecundating powers were found, and mighty forces strove — A self-supporting mass beneath, and energy above. Who knows...
Page 37 - And, pliant, still retain'd th' aetherial energy: Which wise Prometheus temper'd into paste, And, mixt with living streams, the godlike image cast. Thus, while the mute creation downward bend Their sight, and to their earthly mother tend, Man looks aloft ; and with erected eyes Beholds his own hereditary skies.
Page 34 - Nor, poised, did on her own foundations lie ; Nor seas about the shores their arms had thrown; But earth, and air, and water, were in one.
Page 34 - Before the seas and this terrestrial ball, And heaven's high canopy that covers all, One was the face of nature; if a face; Rather a rude and indigested mass : A lifeless lump, unfashion'd and unframed, Of jarring seeds, and justly Chaos named.
Page 35 - But God, or Nature, while they thus contend, To these intestine discords put an end. Then earth from air, and seas from earth were driven, And grosser air sunk from ethereal heaven: Thus disembroil'd they take their proper place ; The next of kin contiguously embrace ; And foes are sundered by a larger space.
Page xii - Ergetzen, Sich in den Geist der Zeiten zu versetzen, Zu schauen, wie vor uns ein weiser Mann gedacht Und wie wir's dann zuletzt so herrlich weit gebracht.
Page 38 - The guest, by him who harbour'd him, is slain ; The son-in-law pursues the father's life ; The wife her husband murders, he the wife ; The step-dame poison for the son prepares ; The son inquires into his father's years ; Faith flies, and piety in exile mourns ; And justice, here oppress'd, to heaven returns. THE GIANTS WAR.
Page 36 - The sun with rays, directly darting down, Fires all beneath, and fries the middle zone: The two beneath the distant poles, complain Of endless winter, and perpetual rain. Betwixt th' extremes, two happier climates hold The temper that partakes of hot, and cold.
Page 35 - The force of fire ascended first on high, And took its dwelling in the vaulted sky; Then air succeeds, in lightness next to fire, Whose atoms from unactive earth retire. Earth sinks beneath, and draws a numerous throng Of ponderous, thick, unwieldy seeds along.

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