Jahrbuch für romanische und englische Literatur, Volume 6

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Ferd. Dummler, 1865 - English literature

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Page 455 - MONARCHE, and other Poems of Sir David Lyndesay. Edited from the first edition by JOHNE SKOTT, in 1552, by FITZEDWARD HALL, Esq., DCL Part I.
Page 432 - Me^ dici, di Francesco d'Albizzo, di Castellano Castellani e di altri comprese nelle quattro più antiche raccolte con alcune inedite e con nuove illustrazioni.
Page 192 - II ne faut pas vendre la peau de l'ours avant de l'avoir tué.
Page 110 - Liruti, Notizie delle vite ed opere scritte da' letterati del Friuli, Venezia 1760, I, 301, und wurde neulich von Bartoli (Vorrede zum Marco Polo, S.
Page 455 - THE STORY OF GENESIS AND EXODUS, an Early English Song, of about 1250 AD Edited for the first time from the unique MS. in the Library of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, by R Morris, Esq.
Page 426 - The Pricke of Conscience Stimulus Conscientiae), a Northumbrian Poem, by Richard Rolle de Hampole, copied and edited from MSS. in the library of the British Museum with an introduction, notes, and glossarial index, by Bichard Morris, published for the Philological Society, 1863.
Page 420 - English Writers. The Writers before Chaucer ; with an Introductory Sketch of the Four Periods of English Literature.
Page 451 - Antiquities in connection with. the Calendar, including Anecdotes, Biography and History, Curiosities of Ititerature and Oddities of human Life and Character.
Page 455 - TONGUE ; a treates, noe shorter than necessarie, for the Schooles, be ALEXANDER HUME. Edited for the first time from the unique MS. in the British Museum (about 1617 AD), by HENRY B. WHEATLEY, Esq. 4s. 6.
Page 198 - De dolore partus et ejulatu infantis" (Pat. Lat., CCXVII, col. 705A and B) : Omnes nascimus ejulantes, ut nostram miseriam exprimamus. Masculus enim recenter natus dicit A, femina vero E: Dicentes E vel A, quotquot nascuntur ab Eva.

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