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This is Mr. ARCHIE BRYANT himself. Ive been home for over 4yrs now and I gotta say John Glatt all you did was write a one sided report based on misfacts and you repeated every untruth and speculation that the justice system used to justify a conspiracy to murder that was never going to happen! I am by no means innocent here, but "HIT MAN" is such a grossly irresponsible term to use being that I did not and would not EVER agree to murder someone, and all for $100. Lol. So funny now in hindsight. I was young, black, and impoverished... but I did what I could that day to make sure NOBODY GOT HURT. Thats the ironic thing about it all.
I did my time Im home and doing well so I have no motive or reason to mislead anyone. Its funny to me to read some of the garbage you so called reporters will write as fact. I was there I know what happened first hand and I gotta say alot of the FACTS you spew are not fact at all. Ive been humble about it thus far, but its frustrating to read FACTS that are anything but fact! I was wrong for what I did do that day, but murder... NEVER! I did NOT agree with Gina Han that day. I refused to even beat up sunny, so why woul I in turn agree to kill her, or participate in murder. My involvement was based on one term. The term was that NOBODY GOT HURT! I had a voice that day, and I used It to ensure that Nobody was to be hurt! But you will never read about that FACT in any report. I put them in the bath tub so they would be out of harms way, but they flipped it on me and used it as EVIDENCE to push a murder plot. I had no knowledge of trash bags, or pine sol in her possession. I learned about those items in her trunk at trial just like everyone else. I wont start on how Black Men are handeled by our so called "justice" system.

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