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This type of book suggests, on the most part, information that is not common knowledge to just any musician...or, perhaps, just a listener of Irving Berlin's works. A good writer would not suggest terminology through a reader's eyes that are not culturally specific when referring to "Indianism" in this book. As such, for the writer to suggest that all "Indian Music" -- phrasing it as such, though imagined, his verbiage would, therefore, not recognize the cultural significance by suggesting all "Indian music" through only one's imagination reflected something other than tribal specific "Indianism." How ludicrous can a writer even begin when the reader is shortchanged immediately by a societal term that is not even recognized in today's language. As well, any good theorist could determine who wrote the scores of Berlin's work -- not enough study was examined to sway one's imagination in a direction that is counterproductive to the book's overall purpose. Was it Berlin who wrote the scores only through his imagination of what Native American music sounded like to him? There's no record that indicates whether it was from Berlin's imagination or sensory skills from his own path in life. 

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