Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

In a hellish country ruled by megalomaniac Keran Berj, Grace has been raised by the People, a freedom-fighting sect dedicated to the overthrow of Keran Berj, to be an Angel. Like the rest of the girls in Angel House, Grace trained for the sacred day when she would strap on a bomb in front of a political target and blow herself up. But Grace has never truly felt like a child of the People, and when ... Read full review

Review: Grace

Editorial Review - - Chris Shanley-Dillman

Grace's entire life has been in preparation for her death. She is what her people call an Angel, a person trained to infiltrate the enemy with a bomb strapped to her leg (aka suicide bomber). Some of her fellow Angels feel honored to have this important task to highlight their lives, but not her. She is used to being treated as a secondclass citizen of her people due to her mother being among the ... Read full review

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