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Penguin, Aug 16, 2010 - History - 360 pages
Commanders focuses on the greatest leaders in naval, field, and aerial warfare. From Alexander the Great's conquest of the known world to the generals leading today's campaigns in Afghanistan, the book casts new light on the leaders who have forged history on the battlefield. Famous historical commanders, such as Julius Caesar, Napoleon, and Horatio Nelson, are considered in depth, along with their subordinates and enemies. Commanders from outside the Western tradition are also examined, including the great Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Native American, and African leaders. Chapter introductions contextualize the entries by explaining who fought whom and why, and individual stories bring the history to life. Catalog information gives an at-a-glance overview of each commander's life, and each section provides a timeline, key data, and a psychological profile outlining the commander's strengths and weaknesses. Images will include paintings of battles, battlefield maps, as well as the commanders' weapons, vehicles, and personal effects.

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Foreword 6
Greece And The Ancient Empires 12
Leaders Of The Ancient Empires 14
Ancient Greek Commanders 16
Alexander The Great 18
Ancient Rome And Its Enemies 24
Commanders Of The Punic Wars 26
Hannibal 28
The American Revolutionary War 184
George Washington 186
Warfare In Asia 192
French Revolutionary And Napoleonic Wars 194
Generals Of The French Revolution 196
Napoleon Bonaparte 198
Napoleons Marshals 204
Napoleons Adversaries 206

Rome From Republic To Empire 32
Julius Caesar 34
From Zenith To Decline 42
Tribal Warriors 44
Ancient Asia 46
Ancient Asian Generals 48
Early Middle Ages 54
Byzantine Commanders 56
Arab And Turkish Commanders 58
The Christian West 62
Charlemagne 64
Vikings And Normans 68
Era Of The Crusades 72
Royal Crusaders 74
Frederick Barbarossa 76
Muslim Warriors 80
The Iberian Reconquista 84
Asian Conflicts 86
Nomadic Warriors 88
Timur 90
Japanese Samurai 94
Late Medieval Europe 96
The Hundred Years War 98
National Heroes 104
The Muslim World 110
Ottoman Leaders 112
Mogul Leaders 114
East Asian Warfare 116
Japanese Daimyo 118
China And Korea 122
The Early Gunpowder Era 124
Conquests Of The Americas 126
Hernán Cortés 128
The Italian Wars 132
The Dutch Revolt 136
Spanish Sea Battles 138
Bible Pike And Musket 140
Commanders Of The Thirty Years War 142
Gustavus Adolphus 144
The British Civil Wars 148
Admirals Of The Anglodutch Wars 154
Michiel De Ruyter 156
Europe In The Age Of Louis Xiv 162
Generals Of Louis Xivs Wars 164
Duke Of Marlborough 166
Royal Commanders 170
18thcentury Warfare 172
European Army Commanders 174
Frederick The Great 176
Colonial Wars 180
Duke Of Wellington 208
Naval Warfare 212
18thcentury Admirals 214
Horatio Nelson 216
War In The Americas 220
Rebels In The Americas 222
Us Commanders 18001850 224
European Wars 230
The Crimean War 232
Nationbuilding Wars 234
Helmuth Von Moltke The Elder 238
The American Civil War 242
Confederate Commanders 244
Robert E Lee 246
Union Commanders 250
Ulysses S Grant 252
Frontiers And Colonies 256
Native American Warriors 258
African Leaders 262
Imperial Commanders 264
The Boer War 268
Naval Warfare In The Age Of Steam 270
Naval Commanders 272
World War I 280
British Commanders 282
French Commanders 284
Other Allied Commanders 288
German Commanders 290
Naval Commanders Of Wwi 294
A World In Turmoil 296
Rebels And Revolutionaries 298
Interwar Military Strongmen 302
World War Ii 304
German Generals 306
Soviet Commanders 310
Allied Commanders 314
Bernard Montgomery 316
Us Army Commanders In Europe 320
George S Patton 322
Us Commanders In The Pacific 328
Air Commanders 330
Naval Commanders Of Wwii 334
Post World War Ii 336
Postwar Commanders 338
Revolutionary Fighters 340
Vo Nguyen Giap 342
Commanders In The Israeli Wars 346
Postcold War Commanders 348
Index And Acknowledgments 352

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