Dutch Guiana, Parts 3-4

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Macmillan and Company, 1876 - Blacks - 264 pages
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Page 37 - he said, and pointed toward the land, 'This mounting wave will roll us shoreward soon.' In the afternoon they came unto a land In which it seemed always afternoon. All round the coast the languid air did swoon, Breathing like one that hath a weary dream. Full-faced above the valley stood the moon ; And like a downward smoke, the slender stream Along the cliff to fall and pause and fall did seem. A land of streams ! some, like a downward smoke...
Page 76 - The river nobly foams and flows, The charm of this enchanted ground, And all its thousand turns disclose Some fresher beauty varying round; The haughtiest breast its wish might bound Through life to dwell delighted here; Nor could on earth a spot be found To nature and to me so dear, Could thy dear eyes in following mine Still sweeten more these banks of Rhine!
Page 214 - They saw a tall tree by the side of the river, one half of which was in flames from the root to the top, and the other half was green and in full leaf.
Page 174 - Ill-modelled trunks and disproportioncd limbs are, in fact, as rare among them as they are common among some lightercomplexioned races. Their colour is, in general, very dark, and gives no token of the gradual tendency to assume a fairer tint, that may be observed among the descendants of negroes resident in more northerly latitudes. Their hair, too, is as curly as that of any Niam-niam, or Darfooree chief, or native of Senegal.
Page 122 - ... narrow limits within which their activity is at present restricted. Several creeks, as all lesser watercourses are here called, fall into the main stream, or from distance to distance connect it by the aid of canals with the sea. On the banks of one of these flourished in days gone by the still-famous Helena, a mulatto syren, whose dusky charms are said to have rivalled in their mischievous effects, if not in other respects, those of her Grecian namesake.
Page 197 - Palgrave says, may best be studied "among the statues of the Egyptian rooms of the British Museum; the larger gentle eye, the full but not over-protruding lips, the rounded contour, and the good-natured, easy, sensuous expression. This is the genuine African model.
Page 174 - Bush negroes of Surinam may rank among the best specimens of the Ethiopian type. The men are often six feet and more in height, with well-developed limbs and pleasing open countenance ; and the women in every physical respect are, to say the least, worthy of their mates. Ill-modelled trunks and disproportioned limbs are, in fact, as rare among them as they are common among some lightercomplexioned races. Their colour is, in general, very dark, and gives no token of the gradual tendency to assume...
Page 98 - Last," to admit. But I do it on faith, the evidence of things not seen either in the West Indies or the East. Low-caste Hindoos in their own land are, to all ordinary apprehension, slovenly, dirty, ungraceful, generally unacceptable in person and surroundings ; and the Coolies of Voorburg may have been low-caste, very likely.
Page 41 - ... European and tropical, Dutch and Creole ; a blending of opposites, a dual uniformity, an aspect that when first beheld leaves on the mind an impression bordering on unreality, as if place and people were imaged in a hot picturesque dream. Yet Paramaribo is no dream, nor its inhabitants dream shapes ; very much the contrary. In fact no capital town throughout the West Indies, no offspring of European stem, French, English, Danish, or even Spanish, so genuinely, so truthfully represents the colony...

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