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I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Hans Boos while he was still curator at the Zoo in the early 1990's and getting a copy of another book he had written on the Reptiles and Birds of Trinidad and Tobago which was an excellent guide for a first timer bush person. I had just bought a 16 acre abandoned Cocoa Estate which was practically forest. I took my children and several of their friends to the Zoo and started asking someone about snakes etc I could encounter in the forest when they put us on directly to Mr Boos who showed our group a film of Birds and Reptiles in Trinidad and Tobago gave us a short lecture and trusted me with a copy of his book to take away and make a copy for myself and return it. which I did. I am ever grateful for the knowledge I received from Mr Boos which I share with anyone I could.
Mervyn Wattley

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