A Dictionary of the Pukhto, Pushto, Or Language of the Afghans: With Remarks on the Originality of the Language, and Its Affinity to Other Oriental Tongues, Etc., Etc

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Williams and Norgate, 1867 - Pushto language - 2 pages

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Page 635 - To scratch the head ; to slap the forehead ; to look, peer, or pry into every hole and corner ; to beat the bushes ; to leave no stone unturned ; to seek a needle in a pottle of hay.
Page 457 - Nugari <f, which is the twenty-ninth letter of the Sanskrit alphabet, and has no corresponding sound or character in the Arabic or Persian language. It is pronounced by applying the tip of the tongue inverted to the palate.
Page 371 - It is a guttural letter, and is uttered by compressing the upper part of the throat near the mouth. It has no corresponding sound in English, but the Scottish pronunciation of ch in ' loch ' is equivalent to it, as is also the German ch.
Page 343 - To move, to go, to proceed, to walk, to go off, to pass, ( as coin ; ) to be discharged, ( as a gun ; ) to...
Page 57 - A door, a gate. 2. A chapter, section, or division of a book. 3. Subject, head, affair, point, matter, business, reason, manner, mode, species, sort.
Page 1123 - To •tal in ; to move forward unheard and unseen ; to come or enter unexpectedly or unobserved. 7. To move or behave with servility ; to fawn.
Page 613 - In denoting numbers by the letters of the Arabic alphabet, it stands for...

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