Architect and Engineer, Volume 13

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Page 74 - Pats of neat cement about three inches in diameter, one-half inch thick at the center, and tapering to a thin edge, shall be kept in moist air for a period of twenty-four hours.
Page 65 - This term is applied to the finely pulverized product resulting from the calcination to incipient fusion of an intimate mixture of properly proportioned argillaceous and calcareous materials, and to which no addition greater than 3% has been made subsequent to calcination.
Page 74 - F. as practicable, and observed at intervals for at least 28 days. (c) A third pat is exposed in any convenient way in an atmosphere of steam, above boiling water, in a loosely closed vessel for five hours.
Page 17 - BUTCHER'S Boston Polish is the best finish made for FLOORS, interior Woodwork and Furniture. Not brittle; will neither scratch nor deface, like shellac or varnish. Is not soft and sticky, like beeswax.
Page 73 - The minimum requirements for tensile strength for briquettes one inch square in section shall be within the following limits, and shall show no retrogression in strength within the periods specified.
Page 17 - Polish 7s the Best Finish Made for Floors, Interior Woodwork and Furniture Not Brittle; will neither scratch nor deface like Shellac or Varnish. Is not soft and sticky like beeswax. Perfectly transparent, preserving the natural color and beauty of the wood. Without doubt the most economical and satisfactory POLISH known for HARDWOOD FLOORS.
Page 56 - The brick panels probably withstood the tests better than the other materials. The common brick tested comprised unused new Chicago brick, and used St. Louis brick. Fifty per cent of the new bricks were split, while 60 to 70 per cent of the old bricks were not damaged. Lime knots seemed to be responsible for most of the damage to the new bricks, as they were found at the bottom of nearly all the cracks. The bricks at the back of the panels were entirely unaffected. While the strength tests are not...
Page 66 - I've made a study of myself, Compared with me the lot, And I have finally concluded I'm the best friend I've got. Just get together with yourself And trust yourself with you. And you'll be surprised how well yourself Will like you if you do.
Page 66 - I'm the best pal that I ever had; I like to be with me ; I like to sit and tell myself Things confidentially. I often sit and ask me If I shouldn't or I should, And I find that my advice to me Is always pretty good. I never got acquainted with myself Till here of late, And I find myself a bully chum — I treat me simply great.
Page 76 - To take up arms against his competition, And by opposing cut for cut, end it. To cut — and by cutting put the other cutter Out of business — 'Tis a consummation Devoutly to be wished. To cut — to slash...

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