Historic Families of Kentucky

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R. Clarke & Company, 1889 - Kentucky - 304 pages
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Page 149 - Hunters," was one of the earliest, as well as one of the most intelligent, of the explorers of the Kentucky wilderness — his expedition setting out in 1769.
Page 44 - General Congress, be instructed to propose to that respectable body, TO DECLARE THE UNITED COLONIES FREE AND INDEPENDENT STATES, absolved from all allegiance to or dependence upon the crown or Parliament of Great Britain...
Page 129 - Cummings' custom, for he was always a very neat man in his dress, to dress himself, then put on his shot-pouch, shoulder his rifle, mount his dun stallion, and ride oif to church.
Page 253 - ... distinction was anxious to take him prisoner. As soon as he came near the colonel he threw his gun across his lap and told him in the Indian language to surrender, and he should be safe. Another savage having at the same time advanced with a hostile appearance, Colonel Allen by one stroke with his sword laid him dead at his feet.
Page 43 - Many of us and our forefathers left our native land and explored this once savage wilderness, to enjoy the free exercise of the rights of conscience and of human nature. These rights, we are fully resolved, with our lives and fortunes, inviolably to preserve ; nor will we surrender such inestimable blessings, the purchase of toil and danger, to any ministry, to any Parliament, or any body of men on earth, by whom we are not represented, and in whose decisions, therefore, we have no voice.
Page 106 - Congress from 1833 to 1835 ; was a member of the convention that passed the ordinance of secession in 1861, against which he voted.
Page 266 - He remained in the army until the close of the war, taking part in many of the severest of its battles ; then became a farmer in Pennsylvania.
Page 264 - Clair, he commanded the right wing of the army, with the rank of general. " it was on this occasion, that the intrepid Butler closed his military career in death; his coolness preserved, and courage remaining unshaken, till the last moment of existence. While enabled to keep the field, his exertions were truly heroic. He repeatedly led his men to the charge, and with slaughter drove the enemy before him; but...
Page 21 - ... Dengrous, for it is the Hathins [heathens] Road to ware, which has proved hortfull to severil of ous that were ye first settlers of these back woods & wee your Honibill pittionors some time a goo pittioned your Honnour for to have Commisioned men amungst ous which we your Honnours most Duttifull subjects thought properist men & men that had Hart and Curidg to bed us yn time of [war] & to defend your Contray & your poor Sogbacks Intrist from ye voilince of ye Haithen — But yet agine we Humbly...
Page 10 - ... honorable Scotch family who settled in Ireland at the same time as their kinspeople — the McDowells. The names Irvin, Irvine, Irving, Irwin, and Erwin are identical — those bearing the name thus variously spelled being branches from the same tree. This name was, and is, one of note in Scotland, where those who bore it had intermarried with the most prominent families of the kingdom, breeding races of soldiers, statesmen, orators and divines.

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