Developmental Pathology

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na, 1905 - Pathology - 454 pages
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Page xxxii - She is of stately Norman figure: in her twenty-fifth year; of beautiful still countenance: her name is Charlotte Corday, heretofore styled D'Armans, while Nobility still was. Barbaroux has given her a Note to Deputy Duperret, — him who once drew his sword in the effervescence. Apparently she will to Paris on some errand ? * She was a Republican before the Revolution, and never wanted energy. w A completeness, a decision is in this fair female Figure : <( By energy she means the spirit that will...
Page cxxviii - if any were visited with the falling sickness, madness, gout, leprosy, or any such dangerous disease, which was likely to be propagated from the father to the son, he was instantly gelded; a woman kept from all company of men; and if by chance, having some such disease, she were found to be with child, she with her brood were buried alive : 1 and this was done for the common good, lest the whole nation should be injured or corrupted.
Page 84 - Beaumont found in the man with the fistulous opening into the stomach " that anger or other severe mental emotions would sometimes cause its inner or mucous coat to become morbidly red, dry, and irritable ; occasioning at the same time a temporary fit of indigestion
Page cxxviii - ... it comes to pass that our generation is corrupt ; we have many weak persons, both in body and mind, many feral diseases raging amongst us, crazed families, parentes peremptores ; our fathers bad ; and we are like to be worse.
Page xiv - A confirmed chewer of coca is called a "coquero," and he is said to become occasionally more thoroughly a slave to the leaf than the inveterate drunkard is to spirituous liquors. Sometimes the coquero is overtaken by a craving which he cannot resist, and he betakes himself for days together to the silence of the woods, and there indulges unrestrained in the use of the weed. Young...
Page cxxviii - ... and this was done for the common good, lest the whole nation should be injure'd or corrupted.' A severe doom, you will say, and ought not to be used among Christians, yet more to be looked into than it is. For now by our too much facility in this kind, in giving way for all to marry that will, too much liberty and indulgence in tolerating all sorts, there is a vast confusion of hereditary diseases, no family secure, no man almost free, from some grievous infirmity or other, when no choice is...
Page xxxii - What if she, this fair young Charlotte, had emerged from her secluded stillness, suddenly like a Star; cruel-lovely, with halfangelic, half-daemonic splendour; to gleam for a moment, and in a moment be extinguished : to be held in memory, so bright complete was she, through long centuries!
Page 100 - ... teeth, of a highly peculiar and complex structure, each tooth consisting of a very large number of separate parallel dental systems, all closely packed together. In a transverse section they present an appearance not unlike that of a piece of cane. These teeth are preceded by a set of minute milkteeth, mere remnants of a former functional set, which show indications of a division into different groups, such as premolars and molars. The zygoma is complete, and there are well-developed clavicles....
Page cxxvii - Fernelius truly saith) d it is the greatest part of our felicity to be well born ,• and it were happy for humane kind, if only such parents, as are sound of body and mind, should be suffered to marry. An husbandman will sow none but the best and choicest seed upon his land ; he will not rear a bull or an horse, except he be right shapen in all parts, or permit him to cover a...
Page 19 - ... teeth. Placing a number of conical teeth in line, as they lie in the jaw of the whale, they would represent the primitive dentition. In the course of time a number of these teeth would become clustered together in such a manner as to form the four cusps of a human molar, each one of the...

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