THE GENERAL STATUTES OF THE Commonwealthy of Massachusetts

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Page 34 - the means of education for a like period of time, or has already acquired the branches of learning taught in the public schools, or that his bodily or mental condition has been such as to prevent his attendance at school or application to study for the period required, the penalty before mentioned shall not be incurred.
Page 38 - public places of any city or town, having no lawful occupation or business, not attending school, and growing up in ignorance, between the ages of seven and sixteen years, may, at the discretion of the justice or court having jurisdiction of the case, instead of the fine mentioned in the first
Page 45 - enlarging, and using, such library ; with the powers, privileges, duties, and liabilities, of corporations organized according to the provisions of chapter sixty-eight, so far as the same may be applicable, and may hold real and personal estate to an amount not exceeding five thousand dollars in addition to the value of their books.
Page 9 - dollars ; and the residue of said moiety shall annually be apportioned among the several cities and towns, in proportion to the number of children in each, between the ages of five and fifteen years : provided, that after the distribution of
Page 45 - appropriation is made ; may also appropriate annually, for the maintenance and increase thereof, a sum not exceeding fifty cents for each of its ratable polls in the year next preceding that in which such appropriation is made, and may receive, hold, and manage, any devise, bequest, or donation, for the establishment, increase, or maintenance, of a public library within the same. SOCIAL LIBRARIES.
Page 37 - ten and fifteen years shall be so employed, unless he has attended some public or private day school under teachers approved by the school committee of the place in which such school is kept, at least three months during the year next preceding such employment: provided, said child shall have
Page 11 - school to be kept by a master of competent ability and good morals, who, in addition to the branches of learning before mentioned, shall give instruction in general history, bookkeeping, surveying, geometry, natural philosophy, chemistry, botany, the civil polity of this Commonwealth and of the United States, and the Latin language. Such last mentioned school shall be kept for the benefit of all the
Page 14 - treasurer to the school committee, if any, otherwise to the selectmen of the town from which it is recovered, who shall apportion and appropriate the same to the support of the schools of such town, in the same manner as if it had been regularly raised by the town for that purpose, school
Page 17 - the pupils at such prices as merely to re-imburse the expense of the same. The school committee may also procure, at the expense of the city or town, such apparatus, books of reference, and other means of illustration as they deem necessary for the schools under their supervision, in accordance with appropriations therefor previously made.
Page 11 - morals, a sufficient number of schools for the instruction of all the children who may legally attend public school therein, in orthography, reading, writing, English grammar, geography, arithmetic, the history of the United States, and good behavior. Algebra, vocal music, drawing, physiology, and hygiene shall be taught by lectures or otherwise, in all the public schools in which the school committee deem it .expedient.

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