The Western Tourist: Or, Emigrant's Guide Through the States of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri, and the Territories of Wisconsin and Iowa: Being an Accurate and Concise Description of Each State, Territory, and County

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J. H. Colton, 1846 - Mississippi River Valley - 119 pages
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Page 71 - The legislative power of the state shall be vested in a General Assembly consisting of a Senate and House of Representatives, but the people reserve to themselves the power to propose to the General Assembly laws and amendments to the constitution, and to adopt or reject the same at the polls on a referendum vote as hereinafter provided.
Page 90 - Menominee river; thence down the center of the main channel of the same to the center of the most usual ship channel of the Green Bay of Lake Michigan; thence through the center of the most usual ship channel of the said bay to the middle of Lake Michigan...
Page 94 - The constitution, voted by the representatives of the nation in 1833, establishes three authorities in the State — the legislative, the executive, and the judicial.
Page 90 - Montreal river; thence through the middle of the main channel of the said river Montreal to the head waters thereof; thence in a direct line to the center of the channel between Middle and South islands in the Lake of the Desert...
Page 21 - Missouri, it is observed that these " rolling prairies" occupied the higher portions of the country, the descent to the forest bottoms being invariably over steep and stony declivities. The depth and richness of the soil on these lands are almost incredible, and the edges of the bands of forest are consequently a favorite haunt of the emigrant settler and backwoodsman.
Page 90 - Until it intersects the boundary line between the United States and Canada, in Lake Erie ; thence with the said boundary line between the United States and Canada through the Detroit river, Lake Huron, and Lake Superior, to a point where the said line last touches Lake Superior...
Page 15 - ... has it given way that during the whole distance the water is very deep even at the edges, and for the first three miles there is not a spot except one of a few yards, in which a man could stand between the water and the towering perpendicular of the mountain : the...
Page 90 - Miami river of the lake, then and in that case, with the assent of the Congress of the United States, the northern boundary of this State shall be established by, and extend to, a direct line running from the southern extremity of Lake Michigan to the most northerly cape of the Miami bay...
Page 78 - SECTIoN 1. The Judicial power of the State shall be vested in a Supreme Court, in Circuit Courts, and in such inferior Courts as the General Assembly may establish.
Page 71 - The judicial power of the State shall be vested in a Supreme Court of Errors, a Superior Court, and such inferior courts as the General Assembly shall, from time to time, ordain and establish; the powers and jurisdiction of which courts shall be defined by law.

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