Reminiscences of the Great Mutiny, 1857-59: Including the Relief, Siege, and Capture of Lucknow, and the Campaigns in Rohilcund and Oude

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Macmillan, 1893 - India - 295 pages
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Page 6 - Seas upon their lawful occasions ; that the .inhabitants of our land may in peace and quietness serve thee our God ; and that we may return in safety to enjoy the blessings of the land, with the fruits of our labour; and, with a thankful remembrance of thy mercies, to praise and glorify thy holy name, through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Page 53 - Though my perishing ranks should be strewed in their gore, Like ocean-weeds heaped on the surf-beaten shore, Lochiel, untainted by flight or by chains, While the kindling of life in his bosom remains, Shall victor exult, or in death be laid low, With his back to the field, and his feet to the foe ! And leaving in battle no blot on his name, Look proudly to heaven from the death-bed of fame.
Page 77 - He had a bow bent in his hand, Made of a trusty tree; An arrow of a cloth-yard long To the hard head haled he.
Page 55 - Of death the cords and sorrows did about me compass round ; The pains of hell took hold on me : I grief and trouble found.
Page 72 - Highlanders effectually covered the naval brigade from great loss, but it was an action almost unexampled in war. Captain Peel behaved very much as if he had been laying the Shannon alongside an enemy's frigate.
Page 111 - The movement of retreat of last night, by which the final rescue of the garrison was effected, was a model of discipline and exactness. The consequence was, that the enemy was completely deceived, and the force retired by a narrow, tortuous lane, the only line of retreat open, in the face of 50,000 enemies, without molestation.
Page 210 - he said. I pointed to the door of the room, and Hodson, shouting ' Come on ! ' was about to rush in. I implored him not to do so, saying, ' It's certain death. Wait for the powder. I've sent men for powder-bags.' Hodson made a step forward, and I put out my hand to seize him by the shoulder to pull him out of the line of the doorway, when he fell back shot through the chest. He gasped out a few words, either ' Oh, my wife ! ' or, ' Oh, my mother ! ' — I cannot now rightly remember — but was...
Page 111 - That ground was won by fighting as hard as it ever fell to the lot of the Commander-in-Chief to witness...
Page 47 - Kl1Alsa !" inand could be repeated or the buglers had time to sound the advance, the whole seven companies, like one man, leaped over the wall, with such a yell of pent-up rage as I had never heard before nor since.
Page 57 - I'll of salvation take the cup, On God's name will I call : 14 I'll pay my vows now to the Lord Before his people all. 15 Dear in God's sight is his saints

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