Aroostook War: Historical Sketch and Roster of Commissioned Officers and Enlisted Men Called Into Service for the Protection of the Northeastern Frontier of Maine. From February to May, 1839

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Kennebec journal print, 1904 - Aroostook War, 1839 - 95 pages

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Page 28 - Infantry in the. Detachment of drafted Militia of Maine, called into actual service by the State, for the protection of its Northeastern Frontier, from...
Page 17 - ... corn meal ; and at the rate, to one hundred rations, of eight quarts of peas or beans, or, in lieu thereof, ten pounds of rice ; six pounds...
Page 5 - ... Many volunteers from Penobscot and Piscataquis Counties and other eastern portions of the State were also enlisted. Within a week ten thousand American troops were either in the Aroostook region, or on the march there. The national government was at last awake to the seriousness of the situation. Congress passed a bill authorizing the President of the United States to raise fifty thousand troops for the support of Maine, and appropriating ten million dollars to meet the expense if war became...
Page 1 - Council. Aroostook war. Historical sketch and roster of commissioned officers and enlisted men called into service for the protection of the northeastern frontier of Maine from February to May 1839. Augusta, 1904.
Page 17 - ... and at the rate of four pounds of soap, one and a half pounds of candles, two quarts of salt, four quarts of vinegar, eight quarts, of peas or beans...
Page 11 - State, belong, shall provide and cause carriages to attend them with further supplies and provisions, and also the necessary camp equipage and camp utensils, until notice shall be given them by the commanding officer of the detachment to desist, and the Selectmen and Assessors shall present their accounts for supplies to the Legislature for allowance.
Page 13 - Chaplain, one Surgeon, one Surgeon's mate, one Sergeant Major, one Quartermaster Sergeant, one Drum Major, one Fife Major...
Page 69 - He was captain of a company of light infantry in the detachment of drafted Militia of Maine, called into actual service by the State, for the protection of its northeastern frontier from 6 Mar.
Page 3 - ... request of the United States government, their action having been disavowed by the authorities of Maine. In June, 1837, Ebenezer Greeley of Dover, Maine, was employed by the State of Maine as an agent to take the census of the people of Madawaska, and at the same time, to distribute their share of the surplus money which had accumulated in the United States Treasury.
Page 5 - This aroused the indignation of the people of Maine. The legislature passed a resolve for the protection of the public lands, and appropriated eight hundred thousand dollars to that purpose. A draft was also ordered for ten thousand three hundred and forty-three men from the militia to be ready for immediate action. General Bachelder was commander of the western division of militia.

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