Studies in the Problem of Sovereignty

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Yale University Press, 1917 - Church and state - 297 pages
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Page 35 - The General Assembly declare, That it is a fundamental law of this Church, that no pastor shall be intruded on any congregation contrary to the will of the people...
Page 143 - There is an assumption of power in all the documents which have come from Rome— a pretension to supremacy over the realm of England, and a claim to sole and undivided sway, which is inconsistent with the Queen's supremacy, with the rights of our bishops and clergy, and with the spiritual independence of the nation, as asserted even in Roman Catholic times.
Page 43 - Church, her judicatories possess an exclusive jurisdiction, founded on the Word of God, which power ecclesiastical (in the words of the Second Book of Discipline) flows from God, and the Mediator, Jesus Christ, and is spiritual, not having a temporal head on earth but only Christ, the only spiritual King and Governor of His Kirk...
Page 10 - Everything you can think of, however vast or inclusive, has on the pluralistic view a genuinely "external" environment of some sort or amount. Things are "with" one another in many ways, but nothing includes everything, or dominates over everything. The word "and" trails along after every sentence.
Page 184 - ... no one can become her convert without renouncing his moral and mental freedom and placing his civil loyalty and duty at the mercy of another ; and when she has equally repudiated modern thought and ancient history.
Page 74 - It would be in fact a second Reformation: — a better reformation, for it would be a return not to the sixteenth century, but to the seventeenth.
Page 143 - See shall think fit otherwise to provide, we govern and shall continue to govern, the counties of Middlesex, Hertford and Essex, as Ordinary thereof, and those of Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Berkshire, and Hampshire, with the islands annexed, as Administrator with Ordinary jurisdiction.
Page 134 - You will consider whether the removal of those disabilities can be effected consistently with the full and permanent security of our establishments in Church and State, with the maintenance of the reformed Religion established by law, and of the rights and privileges of the Bishops and of the Clergy of this Realm, and .of the Churches committed to their charge.
Page 186 - Pope's infallibility, when he speaks ex cathedra on faith and morals, has been declared, with the assent of the Bishops of the Roman Church, to be an article of faith, binding on the conscience of every Christian ; his claim to the obedience of his spiritual subjects has been declared in like manner without any practical limit or reserve; and his supremacy, without any reserve of civil rights, has been similarly affirmed to include everything which relates to the discipline and government of the...
Page 86 - What he did for me in point of religious opinion, was, first, to teach me the existence of the Church, as a substantive body or corporation ; next, to fix in me those anti-Erastian views of Church polity, which were one of the most prominent features of the Tractarian movement.

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