Hear the Silence

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Chipmunka, 2006 - Medical - 120 pages
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by Jamie Glaser Published: 2006 Pages: 120 "For years Jamie Glaser has been a great communicator through his music. Now he gives us life lessons told through a very eventful life"- Lenny White, World famous drummer, producer and recording artist "Jamie's heartfelt and entertaining story about his amazing struggle with illness and the long road and eventual success in getting better had me in tears at times, and in frank laughter at others.- Sara Traina, Vice-president of Indart music and Sound Productions Description This book gives a compelling and inspiring account of how to recover from a mental illness. It will give you hope and reduce the feeling of isolation. This book acknowledges that mental illness can affect anyone. It provides useful advice and knowledge. About the Author Jamie Glaser is a successful musician with manic depression. He has overcome and controlled his illness without the use of medication. The aim of writing this book was to give fellow sufferers the opportunity to help themselves overcome their illness. Book Extract There they stood waving goodbye to me. My dad, step mom, step- sisters, brother and my dog Blicky. This was a feeling I never knew. I was excited, I was scared, I was overjoyed, I was sad. I was leaving for my first day at Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts. I was a lucky guy. My parents took my brother and I to Miami, Florida many times to avoid the New York Weather in January. I had travelled to England, Paris, and Amsterdam at the age of 16 on a school exchange program. I had done a little traveling around in bands, even though I was underage. I had been to Rhode Island, also because of a school exchange program. Yes I had beenmore places than many of my peers by this age of 18. I had never gone anywhere where I would make the decisions, buy the furniture, find new friends, and make a living. I had never driven my own car to a place as far away as Boston, a 4 hour ride. I had never been to a place I was going to call home without having my father, brother and dog by my side. The first year of Berklee you either had to live on Campus or live with family locally. Fortunately my aunt Elsie and Uncle Harry had invited me to live with them in their home in Brockton, Massachusetts, about 45 minutes from Boston and school. I could see my father crying but he had already talked to me about this trip. He told me that it was my time to fly, and though he didn't like it, he was proud of me. He took the time to tell me that he would be just a phone call away, and then he warned me about the dangers of being a musician in 1977. You know the drugs, the girls etc. Of course I already knew about all of that, but I listened with respect. God, was I gonna miss him. He was an amazing friend, partner (we wrote music together) and father. And for the first time I'd be without my best friend, my brother, Randy.

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