Sketches of the History and Present State of the Russian Empire ... with Politcal and Personal Memoirs of the Imperial Court

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Gale, Curtis, and Fenner, 1815 - Russia - 439 pages

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Page 381 - Coming down the street called The Perspective, he perceived a Nobleman who was taking his walk, and had stopped to look at some workmen who were planting trees by the Monarch's order. — " What are you doing ?" said the Emperor. " Merely seeing the men work,
Page iii - SKETCHES of the HISTORY and Present State of the RUSSIAN EMPIRE; of the. Progress of Civilization, from the Foundation of the Monarchy to the Accession of the House of...
Page 383 - ... an air of authority, commanded them to surrender, as his prisoners. As they fiercely advanced toward him, he implored them to spare his life, offering to accept of any terms which they might propose. Finding supplication vain, he made a violent effort to reach the window, in which he cut his hand ; and being drawn back he knocked down one of the assailants with a chair. The empress, awakened by the noise...
Page 223 - ... eternal disgrace. After having therefore seriously reflected thereon, I declare, without constraint, and in the most solemn manner, to the Russian empire, and to the whole universe, that I for ever renounce the government of the said empire, never desiring hereafter to reign therein, either as an absolute sovereign, or under any other form of government; never wishing to aspire thereto, to use any means, of any sort, for that purpose.
Page 382 - Zubof, was banished from the court in disgrace. In order to revenge this affront, and open again the path to distinction, he formed in his retirement the design of murdering the Emperor. He contrived by his intrigues to insinuate himself into the favour of Paul, and associated with himself several other noblemen of rank. Having taken their measures, the assassins proceeded to the palace on the evening of March 22nd.
Page 156 - And she accordingly settled upon him a pension. She also was no less attentive to the family of her benefactor Gluck, who died a prisoner at Moscow: she pensioned his widow; made his son a page; portioned the two eldest daughters ; and advanced the youngest to be one of her maids of honour.
Page 116 - ... ravished them, were going to cut their throats. He was even obliged to kill some Muscovites who did not obey his orders. They still show you, in the town-house of Narva, the table upon which he laid his sword as he entered, and repeat the words which he spoke to the citizens, who were there assembled : " It is not with the blood of the inhabitants that this sword is stained, but with that of the Muscovites, which I have shed to save your lives.
Page 204 - Since your majesty has brought me from darkness to light, and called me from the depths of a cavern, to admit me to the foot of the throne, you will find me ever ready to expose my life in your service. Neither a tedious exile nor the severity of a Siberian climate have been able to extinguish, or even to damp, the ardor ] have formerly shown for the interests of Russia and the glory of its monarch.
Page 380 - It is said that his majesty the emperor, seeing that the powers of Europe cannot agree, and wishing to terminate a war which has raged eleven years, intends to propose a place where he will invite all other potentates to fight with them in...
Page 2 - Corn seldom ripens beyond the 60th degree of latitude. Even at Petersburgh there are only two mouths in the year, in which snow may not be expected, and the thermometer sometimes sinks 65 degrees below the freezing point. Usually two thirds of the year are rain or snow ; and in that capital the shortest day is 'not above five hours and a half long. In the eastern Provinces the same degrees of latitude are found much colder than the western : a circumstance that must be ascribed to the influence of...

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