Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Volumes 1-4

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American Institute of Electrical Engineers., 1884 - Electrical engineering
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"Index of current electrical literature" Dec. 1887-1890 appended tov. 5-7.

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Page 1 - Quite recently, I made the discovery that the ground may be employed as one-half of the connecting chain. As in the case of frictional electricity, water or the ground may with the galvanic current form a portion of the connecting wire. Owing to the low conducting power of these bodies, compared with metals, it is necessary that at the two places where the metal conductor is in connection with the semi-conductor, the former should present very large surfaces of contact. Taking water, for instance,...
Page 19 - The duties of all officers shall be such as usually pertain to their offices, or may be delegated to them by the Council or the Institute ; and the Council may in its discretion require bonds to be given by the Treasurer.
Page 4 - These Rules may be amended at any annual meeting by a two-thirds vote of the members present ; Provided, that written notice of the proposed amendment shall have been given at a previous meeting...
Page 18 - Secretary, and the Treasurer for one year (and no person shall be eligible for immediate re-election as President who shall have held that office subsequent to the adoption of these rules, for two consecutive years), the Vice-Presidents for two years, and the Managers for three years ; and no Vice-President or Manager shall be eligible for immediate re-election to the same office at the expiration of the term for which he was elected. At each annual meeting a President...
Page 20 - Every question which shall come before any meeting of the Institute, shall be decided, unless otherwise provided by these Rules, by the votes of a majority of the members then present. Any member or associate may introduce a stranger to any meeting ; but the latter shall not take part in the proceedings without the consent of the meeting.
Page 19 - Council meetings or to perform the duties of his office. All vacancies shall be filled by the appointment of the Council, and any person so appointed shall hold office for the remainder of the term for which his predecessor was elected or appointed ; Provided, that the said appointment shall not render him ineligible at the next annual meeting.
Page 76 - I have attempted to converse has been about 250 miles. On this occasion no difficulty was experienced so long as parallel lines were not in operation. Sunday was chosen as the day on which it was probable other circuits would be at rest. Conversation was carried on between myself, in New York, and Mr. Thomas A. Watson, in Boston, until the opening of business upon the other wires. "When this happened the vocal sounds were very much diminished, but still audible.
Page 173 - B3, wound on a core of sheet-iron discs. The commutator short-circuits the armature coils in succession in the proper positions to utilize the repulsive effect set up by the currents which are induced in them by the alternations in the field coils. The motor has no dead point and will start from a state of rest and give out considerable power, but with what economy is not yet known.

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