Good old stories and fairy tales, told for the hundredth time

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Page 64 - The fox when he came to the farmer's gate, Who should he see but the farmer's drake ; I love you well for your master's sake, And long to be picking your bone, e-ho ! The gray goose she ran round the hay-stack, Oh, ho ! said the fox, you are very fat ; You'll grease my beard and ride on my back From this into yonder wee town, e-ho...
Page 67 - The troop, who were to the number of forty, all well mounted and armed, came to the foot of the rock on which the tree stood, and there dismounted.
Page 128 - Hood: he is frequently styled, and commonly reputed to have been, Earl of Huntingdon ; a title to which, in the latter part of his life, at least, he actually appears to have had some sort of pretension.
Page 72 - Wife, replied Ali Baba, you do not know what you undertake, when you pretend to count the money ; you will never have done. I will dig a hole, and bury it ; there is no time to be lost.
Page 69 - At last the door opened again, and the forty robbers came out. As the captain went in last, he came out first, and stood to see them all pass by him ; and then Ali Baba heard him make the door close, by pronouncing these words, Shut, Sesame.
Page 74 - ... she Was very well satisfied to find the number of measures amounted to so many as they did, and went to tell her husband, who had almost finished digging the hole.
Page 76 - My wife found this at the bottom of the measure you borrowed yesterday. By this discourse, Ali Baba perceived that Cassim and his wife, through his own wife's folly, knew what they had so much reason to...
Page 64 - The fox jumped up on a moonlight night ; The stars they were shining, and all things bright ; Oh, ho...
Page 71 - ... the wood that covered the bags, carried them into his house, and ranged them in order before his wife, who sat on a sofa. His wife handled the bags, and finding them full of money, suspected that her husband had been robbing, insomuch that when he brought them all in, she could not help saying, Ali Baba, have you been so unhappy as to — Be quiet, wife...
Page 80 - They agreed therefore to cut Cassim's body into four quarters, to hang two on one side and two on the other, within the door of the cave, to terrify any person...

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