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This book is such a refreshing and practical way to approach Confirmation study and sponsorship. As a sponsor in years past, I have struggled to fully understand and embrace my role. Mostly it was just attend the meetings with my candidate, and be there for them. That is important, but there can be so much more and this book makes that possible in a very practical and meaningful way. There are many things I like about this book. It is not heavy on theology. Its written in a way that is refreshing and interesting. Marion concepts are explained in a practical way that young people can easily relate to, i.e. the role of our mothers in loving us and sacrificing for us. I really like that this book is meant to be studied by both the candidate and the sponsor. This encourages accountability for both parties, which can make the Confirmation process so much more meaningful.
All of this wisdom is taught and set out in easy-to-accomplish steps. And, since it is fully explained in the intro, both the sponsor and the candidate know what to expect – and know they will both be in it together. I especially like the way the sections on the Mysteries are written. With historical background, wisdom of the Saints, and contemporary application. There are also specific recommendations for prayer – like mini-prayer goals. It does a great job explaining the consecration principle which seems a little obscure in today’s culture, but nevertheless has great potential and power to help us grow closer to God.
To summarize, the most significant thing for me about this program is how the candidate and sponsor study and learn together. I have known the author for many years and his love for our youth and for our Blessed Mother shine through in this great study guide. I wish it was around when I was involved in the Confirmation process.

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