A Grammar of the Greek New Testament in the Light of Historical Research

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Ravenio Books, Aug 4, 2014 - Religion - 1367 pages
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 This classic reference work is organized as follows: 

Part I. Introduction 
Chapter I. New Material 
Chapter II. The Historical Method 
Chapter III. The Κοινη 
Chapter IV. The Place of the New Testament in the Κοινη 

Part II. Accidence 
Chapter V. Word-Formation 
Chapter VI. Orthography and Phonetics 
Chapter VII. The Declensions (Κλισεις) 
Chapter VIII. Conjugation of the Verb (Ῥημα) 

Part III. Syntax 
Chapter IX. The Meaning of Syntax (Συνταξις) 
Chapter X. The Sentence 
Chapter XI. The Cases (Πτωσεις) 
Chapter XII. Adverbs (Ἐπιρρηματα) 
Chapter XIII. Prepositions (Προθεσεις) 
Chapter XIV. Adjectives (Ἐπιθετα) 
Chapter XV. Pronouns (Ἀντωνυμιαι) 
Chapter XVI. The Article (Το Ἅρθρον) 
Chapter XVII. Voice (∆Ιαθεσις, Genus) 
Chapter XVIII. Tense (Χρονος) 
Chapter XIX. Mode (Ἔγκαισις) 
Chapter XX. Verbal Nouns (Ὀνοματα του Ῥηματος) 
Chapter XXI. Particles (Αι Παραθηκαι) 
Chapter XXII. Figures of Speech (Γοργιεια Σχηματα)

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User Review  - Chan Arnett - Christianbook.com

Robertson's Grammar is a MUST for anyone wanting to get all they can out of the Greek language. He also gives the great history of the language, which I find particularly interesting. If you're ... Read full review

User Review  - Rev. Marcus E. Bowen - Christianbook.com

This is the best and most comprehensive text on the complete grammar of the Greek New Testament and a must for any serious student. I highly recommend this text to all who want a complete understanding of all the syntax needed to understand the innuendos of the Koine New Testament. Read full review

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The Accusative ή αιτιατικὴ πτωσις
The Genitive True Case η γενικὴ πτωσις
The Ablative Ablatival Genitive Case η αφαιρετικὴ πτωσις
The Locative Locatival Dative Case η τοπικὴ πτωσις
The Instrumental Instrumental Dative Case η χρηστικὴ πτωσις XII The Dative True Case η δοτικη πτωσις
Adverbs Επιρρηματα I Special Difficulties II Adverbs with Verbs
Adverbs Used with Other Adverbs IV Adverbs with Adjectives
Adverbs with Substantives VI Adverbs Treated as Substantives

N T Greek Illustrated by the Modern Greek Vernacular
Accidence Chapter V WordFormation I Etymology II Roots
Words with Formative Suffixes
Words Formed by Composition Composita
Personal Names Abbreviated or Hypocoristic
The History of Words
The Kinship of Greek Words
Contrasts in Greek Words or Synonyms
Orthography and Phonetics I The Uncertainty of the Evidence
VowelChanges στοιχεια φωνήεντα
ConsonantChanges στοιχεια αύμφωνα
Pronunciation in the Κοινή
The Declensions Κλισεις I The Substantive Το Ὄνομα II The Adjective Ὄνομα Επιθετον III Numerals Αριθμοι IV Pronouns Αντωνυμιαι V Adverbs Ε...
Conjugation of the Verb Ρημα I Difficulty of the Subject II Nature of the Verb
The Building of the Verb
The Survival of μι Verbs V The Modes εγκλίσεις
The Voices διαθέσεις
The Tenses χρόνοι
The Infinitive η απαρέμφατος ἔγκλισις
The Participle η μετοχή
Syntax Chapter IX The Meaning of Syntax Συνταξις I Backwardness in the Study of Syntax
New Testament Limitations
Recent Advance by Delbrück
The Province of Syntax
The Method of this Grammar
The Sentence I The Sentence and Syntax II The Sentence Defined
The Expansion of the Subject
The Expansion of the Predicate
Subordinate Centres in the Sentence VI Concord in Person
Concord in Number
Concord in Gender
Concord in Case
Position of Words in the Sentence
Compound Sentences
Connection in Sentences
The Cases Πτωσεις I History of the Interpretation of the Greek Cases
The Purpose of the Cases
The Encroachment of Prepositions on the Cases
The Distinctive Idea of Each of the Cases
The Nominative πτωσις ορθή ευθεια ονομαστική
The Vocative πτωσις κλητική
The Pregnant Use of Adverbs VIII Adverbs as Marks of Style
The Adverb Distinguished from the Adjective
Adverbial Phrases
Prepositions Προθεσεις I The Name II The Origin of Prepositions
Growth in the Use of Prepositions
Prepositions in Composition with Verbs
Repetition and Variation of Prepositions
The Functions of Prepositions with Cases
Proper Prepositions in the N
The Positive Adjective
The Adverbial Prepositions
Compound Prepositions X Prepositional Circumlocutions
Adjectives Επιθετα I Origin of Adjectives II The Adjectival or Appositional Use of the Substantive
The Adjective as Substantive
Agreement of Adjectives with Substantives
The Attributive Adjective VI The Predicate Adjective
Adjective Rather than Adverb
The Personal Construction IX Adjectives Used with Cases X Adjectives with the Infinitive and Clauses
The Adjective as Adverb
The Comparative Adjective συγκριτικὸν ὄνομα
The Superlative Adjective υπερθετικὸν ὄνομα
Pronouns Αντωνυμιαι I Personal Pronouns πρωτότυποιἢ προσωπικαὶαντωνυμίαι
The Possessive Pronouns κτητικαὶαντωνυμίαι
The Intensive and Identical Pronoun σύντονος αντωνυμία IV The Reflexive Pronoun αντανακλαστικὴαντωνυμία
The Reciprocal Pronoun η αμοιβαία αντωνυμία VI Demonstrative Pronouns δεικτικαὶαντωνυμίαι
Relative Pronouns αναφορικαὶαντωνυμίαι
Interrogative Pronouns αντωνυμίαι ερωτητικαί
Indefinite Pronouns αντωνυμίαι αόριστοι
Alternative or Distributive Pronouns αντωνυμίαι δατηρίαι
The Article Το Ἅρθρον I Other Uses of ο η τό II Origin and Development of the Article
Significance of the Article
The Method Employed by the Article
Varied Usages of the Article
Position with Attributives
Position with Predicates
The Absence of the Article
The Indefinite Article
Voice Ιαθεσις Genus I Point of View
The Active Voice διάθεσις ενεργετική III The Middle Voice διάθεσις μέση
The Passive Voice διάθεσις παθητική
Tense Χρονος I Complexity of the Subject
Punctiliar Action
Durative Linear Action

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