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Page 9 - ... in restoring energy to the enterprise, but in imparting to it the prudence and experience gleaned from former disasters. The crisis, had it not been precipitated by the calamities of 1845, must inevitably have ensued from the indiscretions of the previous period; and the healthy condition in which coffee-planting appears at the present day in Ceylon, results from the correction of the errors then committed. It is no exaggeration to say, that there is not a single well-established principle which...
Page 102 - When thou shalt besiege a city a long time, in making war against it to take it, thou shalt not destroy the trees thereof by forcing an axe against them: for thou mayest eat of them, and thou shalt not cut them down (for the tree of the field is man's life} to employ them in the siege...
Page xxxiii - Guide for every Family, defining with perfect plainness the Symptoms and Treatment of all Ailments, Illnesses, and Diseases.
Page xxv - Coffee and Chicory. Coffee and Chicory ; the Culture, Chemical Composition, Preparation for Market, and Consumption, with simple tests for detecting adulteration, and practical hints for the producer and consumer, by PL SIMMONDS, FSS, author of 'The Commercial Products of the Vegetable Kingdom,' ' Dictionary of Products,' &c., &c., illustrated by numerous wood engravings, post 8vo, cloth, 2s.
Page 44 - Beyrout, etc., for further exportation, the Mokhan bales have been, while yet on their way, sifted and resifted, grain by grain, and whatever they may have contained of the hard, rounded, half-transparent, greenish-brown berry, the only one really worth roasting and pounding, has been carefully picked out by experienced fingers ; and it is the less generous residue of flattened, opaque, and whitish grains which alone, or almost alone, goes on board the shipping. So constant is this selecting process...
Page 102 - Ask a man to cut down a cocoa-nut or palmirah tree, and he will say (except when in want, or to oblige a great person), " What ! destroy that which gives me food ? from which I have thatch for my house to defend me from the sun and the rain ? which gives me oil for my lamp...
Page 8 - The East India Company's officers crowded to Ceylon to invest their savings, and capitalists from England arrived by every packet. As a class, the body of emigrants was more than ordinarily aristocratic, and if not already opulent, •were in haste to be rich. So dazzling was the prospect that expenditure was unlimited ; and its profusion was only equalled by the ignorance and inexperience of those to whom it was entrusted.
Page xxiii - A Tamil Handbook; or, Full Introduction to the Common Dialect of that Language, on the Plan of Ollendorf and Arnold. By the Eev.
Page xxxi - Beeton's Dictionary of Commerce. A Book of Reference. Containing an Account of the Natural Productions and Manufactures dealt with in the Commercial World ; Explanations of the principal Terms used in, and modes of transacting Business at Home and Abroad.
Page 7 - The first ardent adventurers pioneered the way through pathless -woods, and lived for months in loghuts, whilst felling the forest and making their preliminary nurseries preparatory to planting ; but within a few years the tracks by which they came were converted into high-ways, and their cabins replaced by bungalows, which, though rough, were picturesque and replete with European comforts. The new life in the jungle was full of excitement and romance, the wild elephants and leopards retreated before...

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