UNIMARC Manual: Authorities Format

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The primary purpose of "UNIMARC Manual - Authorities Format" is to facilitate the international exchange of authority data in machine-readable form among national bibliographic agencies. Each national bibliographic agency is responsible for the conversion of authority records into UNIMARC Authorities Format for transmission to other national agencies and can receive machine-readable records in the UNIMARC Authorities Format from other national agencies.

This manual specifies the tags, indicators and sub-field identifiers to be assigned to authority, reference, and general explanatory entry records in machine-readable form. These records are created to provide guidance on the use in a catalogue of names (personal, family, corporate, meeting and geographic), uniform titles for works not entered under specific authors, uniform titles for works by individual authors, and topical subjects. These names, titles and topics are used on bibliographic records as primary, secondary and alternative entries, as series entries, and as subject entries.

The revisions in this second edition reflect developments in telecommunications and information technology and consequent evolution of the possibilities for universal bibliographic control.

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