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From the first page of the introduction, it is clear to this reader that this book will be an invaluable tool for parents of curious children or the lapsed "science enthusiast" in all of us.
Angier makes her case for revelling in the delights of science fact in an imaginative, playful manner sure to delight those that- secretly- love the way words sound out loud or look on the written page.
An excellent book, and an essential volume to own to lend to one's "Science-o-phobic" friends.
Just don't expect them to give it back any time soon; it's a deceptivly addictive book.

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Great overall book on everything science. I hadn't studied the different sciences since high school but it brought it back to me in a relevant manner. It basically talks about science in every day terms.

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It was definitely worth reading. She goes through the basics of all the areas of science (except for CS) and while the information is fairly basic, I still found most of it very interesting and was stuff that I hadn't necessarily known before. Even though I read science news and writing like it's my job.
I keep changing my mind on whether I like her writing in a book format. Her elegance and use of English is incredible, often surprising and even funny. However, occasionally it gets a little over done and becomes annoying. The word _proptosically_ for instance. I'm still pretty sure it's barely a word. When I googled it the only real result I found was for this guy:, who echos all of my major thoughts in the book in his review of it; including how ridiculous the use of the proptosically is. He also happens to be creepily similar to me in other ways. Information visualization, moas, New Zealand (close enough to oz for this comparison) and ukuleles. Yeah, creepy.
But enough of that random guy... overall it was an interesting read. I will probably continue to follow Angier's NY times publishings really closely, but won't necessarily jump out to read her other books.

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