Outlines of Metaphysic: Dictated Portions of the Lectures of Hermann Lotze, Volume 1

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Ginn, Heath & Company, 1886 - Metaphysics - 166 pages
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Page 70 - which takes place in the element a, must, for the very reason that it is in a, likewise be an ' affection' in b; but it does not necessarily have to become such an ' affection ' of b by means of an influence issuing from a.
Page vi - there is scarcely any other recent writer on philosophical subjects whose thoughts are so stimulating for their breadth, penetration and candor; or with whom an acquaintance is so desirable for purposes of general culture through the philosophic way of considering life, with its interests in not merely pure thought, but also in morals, religion, and art. It
Page iv - of the Librarian of Congress at Washington. JS GUSHING & Co., PRINTERS, 115 HIGH STREET, BOSTON. ^ EDITOR'S PREFACE.
Page xii - these translations have been undertaken with the kind permission of the German publisher, Herr S. Hirzel, of Leipsic.
Page 147 - although we apprehend the Highest Good as the one Real Principle on which the validity of the metaphysical axioms in the world depends,
Page 40 - or quite exhausted in them ; and we call it' Idea' merely because, if some thought-image of it is to be formed, it must not take the shape of a monotonous intuition, but rather that of a systematized conception, in which one law-giving formula brings a multiplicity of different determinations together into a Unity.
Page 71 - It is true that the manner in which it comes to pass, that even within the one Infinite Being one state brings about another, remains still wholly unexplained ; and on this point we must not deceive ourselves. How it is in general that ' causal action' is produced is as impossible to tell as how ' Being
Page 17 - the two simplest of the conceptions here employed, that of a ' Thing' and that of its ' Being,' however lucid they appear at first, on closer consideration grow always more and more obscure.
Page 149 - other actions which the highest Principle variously executes in all spirits so uniformly and in such coherency according to law, that to these spirits there must appear to be one world of substantial and efficient 'Things,' existing in space outside themselves.- The
Page 138 - any meaning left at all) exist besides, in order to produce by their influences that course of mental representation belonging to the spiritual beings, which, accordingly, has its value in itself considered, and in its own peculiar content, and not in

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