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VARNISHES (Continued)



HILDRETH Varnish Co., 90 West St., N. Y.

City. JOHNSTON Paint Co., 226 Main St., Cin

cinnati, O. LUCAS & Co., John, Race & 4th Sts., Phil

adelphia, Pa. MCDOUGALL Varnish Co., Buffalo, N. Y. MASURY & Son, John W., New York,

N. Y.

(See page 203.) MINETT Varnish Co., 129 Pearl St., N. Y.

City. MITCHELL-MALLON Co., 317-19 N. J. R. R.

Ave., Newark, N. J. MOUND City Paint & Color Co., 811-13 N.

Sixth St., St. Louis, Mo. MURPHY Varnish Co., Chestnut & Mn.

Whorter Sts., Newark, N. J. NICE. Eugene E., 272-74 S. Second St., Phil

adelphia, Pa. NOAKE-WHEELER-CLOUGH Co., 377 Illi

nois St., Chicago, Ill. PARROTT Varnish Co., Bridgeport, Conn. PAYSON Varnish Co., 141st St. & Walnut

Ave., New York City. SCHRACK & Co., C.. 152 No. 4th St., Phil

adelphia, Pa. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Co., 100 Canal St.,

Cleveland, O. SMITH & Co., Edward. 45 Broadway. N. Y.

City. STANDARD Varnish Works, 29 Broadway,

New York, N. Y. STEWART-MOWHY Co.. 3214 Shields Ave.,

Chicago. III. VALENTINE & Co., 257 Broadway, N. Y.


AUTO Improvement Co., 316 Hudson St.,

New York, N. Y. "Ever Ready." AUTO-TIRE Vulcanizing Co., Lowell, Mass.

St. Peter St., St. Paul, Minn. BIGGS Boiler Works Co., Akron, O. COMBINATION Steam Vulcanizer Co., 673

St. Peter St., St. Paul, Minn. "Crafts." CORP Bros., 38-40 Mathewson St., Proridence, R. I.

(See page opposite.) CRAFTS-See Combination Steam Vulcaniz

er Co. EMPIRE State Tire Co., 199 Terrace, Buffalo, N. Y.

(See page 99.) EVER READY-See Auto Improvement Co. EXCELSIOR-See Wishart-Burge Machine

Works. GIBNEY & Bro.. Jas, L., 211-13 N. Broad St.,

Philadelphia, Pa. GOODRICH Co., B. F., Akron, O. KRACKER-JACK Vulcanizer Co., 1119 Pine St., St. Louis, Mo.

(See page opposite.) LITTLE WONDER—See Rice Mfg. Co. MILLER, Chas. E., 1400 S. Meridian St., An

derson, Ind. OGDEN & Pruitt, 332 Fifth St., Columbus,

Ind. O'NEILL Tire & Protector Co., Buchtel Ave.,

Akron, O. RICE Mfg. Co., Louis E., Cedar Falls, la.

"Little Wonder." SHALER Co., C. A., Waupun, Wis.

(See page opposite.) STITCH in Time Vulcanizer Co., 919 Kan

sas Ave., Topeka, Kan. WISHART-BURGE Machine Works, 63-65 S.

Canal St., Chicago, Ill. "Excelsior."

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THE KRACKER-JACK VULCANIZER will make all kinds of patches on all kinds of tires (casings and inner tubes) with a minimum of trouble and expense and a maximum of convenience and durability. With it you can

Retread 'em Yourself without removing casing from the wheel. Is provided with a gauge and safety valve-so you can't burn the rubber. "Will make a patch up to Yo the circumference of the wheel. Made in all sizes. Complete with burner, $35.00. KRACKER-JACK VULCANIZER CO.

1119 Pine St., St. Louis

“It's the only Vulcanizer on

the Market.”

That's what Carriers' AUTO STATION of

Middletown, Conn., thinks of

20 minutes time--f cent for current-A dollar earned

Says the Wichita Automobile Co.
Write for booklet

C. A. SHALER CO., Box X, Waupun, Wis., U. S. A.




Price now
$1.50 each

Is the one tool for easily and properly setting valves or lugs, and making it easy to get at inner tubes.

Instantly adjustable to all sizes of tires without making any changes.

It does the work well and quickly and does not injure the casing.

It should be in every tool kit.

The PILLINER TIRE TOOL has been greatly improved, which will insure even greater popularity than ever, after two years successful demon. stration that it is right, what is required, and is what the man that uses it wants.

N. A. PETRY 420 Commerce St.


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BARNES Co., Wallace, Bristol, Conn.

(See page 333.) HOBBS Mfg. Co., Worcester, Mass. (See page 199.)


AVERY Stamping Co., 5209 Lakeside Ave.,

Cleveland, O.
CLARK & Son, A. N., Plainville, Conn.
CLARK Bros. Bolt Co., Milldale, Conn.
COLUMBUS Bolt Works, 162 W. Randolph

St., Columbus, O.
CORBIN Screw Corporation, New Britain,

FALLS Rivet & Machine Co., Cuyahoga

Falls, O.
GRIFFIN Mfg. Co., Erie, Pa.
KANSAS City Bolt & Nut Co., Kansas City,

KRIPPS-MASON Machine Co., 1636 N. Hut-

chison St., Philadelphia, Pa.
MCKINNEY Mfg. Co., Allegheny, Pa.
MICHIGAN Bolt & Nut Works, foot of Mel-

drum Ave., Detroit, Mich.
NEW England Bolt & Nut Co., 267 Atlantic

Ave., Boston, Mass.
PITTSBURG Screw & Bolt Co., Liberty Ave.

& 25th St., Pittsburg, Pa.
PLYMOUTH Mills, Plymouth, Mass.
QUADRIGA Mfg. Co., 16-18 S. Canal St.,

Chicago, Ill.
REPUBLIC Iron & Steel Co., Frick Bldg.

Annex, Pittsburg, Pa.
RUSSELL, Burdsall & Ward Bolt & Nut Co.,

Port Chester, N. Y.
SCRANTON Bolt & Nut Co., Scranton, Pa.
STANLEY Works, Lake St., New Britain,

STERLING Machine Stamping Co.,

Vermillion, 0.
(See page 89.)
TAUNTON Rivet Co., Taunton, Mass.
UNION Nut & Bolt Co., Unionville, Conn.
UPSON Nut Co., Garfield Bldg., Cleveland, O.
WROUGHT Washer Mfg. Co., Milwaukee,


ARDREY Vehicle Washer Co., Rochester,

N. Y.
DE LUXE—See Frey, John W.
ECONOMY V hicle Washer Co., Newburg,

N. Y.
FOREMAN Patent Swinging Hose Bracket

Co., L. T., 317 S. 12th St., Omaha, Neb.
FREY, John W., Buffalo, N. Y. De Luxe."
IDEAL Carriage Washer Co., 62 Lenox St.,

Rochester, N. Y..
IRVING-See Smith Mfg. Co.

Mann Co., 527 Graves St.,
Rochester, N. Y.

(See page 277.)
NICHOLSON Mfg. Co., H., 68 Dey St., N. I.

PERFECTION-See Ryan & Long.
RYAN & Long, 586 Oneida St., Appleton,
Wis. “Perfection."
(See page opposite.)
SMITH Mfg. Co., I. J., 236 W. 41st St., New

York, N. Y. "Irving."

STAR Brass Works, 12-14 S. Jefferson St.,

Chicago, Ill.

VEHICLE Specialty Co., 26 State St., Hart

ford, Conn.




BISHOP Mfg. Co., Robert (s. Boston),
CHICAGO Rawhide Co., 75-77 Ohio St., Chi Boston, Mass.
cago, I.

(See page 375.)
CLIMAX Specialty Co., Seneca Falls. N. Y. EGAN & Co., K., New York, N. Y.
DETROIT Leather Specialty Co., 275 Beecher FOWLER Waste Mfg. Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
Ave., Detroit, Mich.

HOFFMAN-CORR Mfg. Co., 55-57 White
GRATON & Knight Mfg. Co., 94-104 Bloom-

St., New York, N. Y. ingdale Road, Worcester Mass.

(See page 91.)
LEATHER & Brass Mfg. Co., Auburn, N. Y.

HOUGHTON & Co.. E. F., 240 W. Somerset
PICROME Hide Co., Cor. N. Salina & St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Turtle Sts., Syracuse, N. Y.
(See page 123.)

MASSASOIT Mfg. Co., Fall River, Mass. STANDARD Leather Washer Mfg. Co., New OLMSTED & Tuttle Co., Chicopee, Mass. ark, N. J.

RIVERSIDE Mills, Augusta, Ga.
WOLVERINE Leather Goods Co., 59 E. Fort
St., Detroit, Mich.

SPRINGFIELD Waste Co., Springfield, Mass.

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AMERICAN Pneumatic Hub Wheel
National Metropolitan Bank Bldg., Wash-

ington, D. C. **Collins-Akehurst.
ARCHER Motor Tire Co., Marion, Ind.

JAMESVILLE Mfg. Co., Jamesville, N. Y. AUTOMOBILE Wheel & Rim Co., Minne

MOTT Wheel Works, Pleasant St.. Utica, apolis, Minn.

N. Y. BLACK Mfg. Co., Fort Wayne, Ind.

WHITESIDE Wheel Co., Canal & W. 10th (See page 367.)

Sts., Indianapolis, Ind. BURROWES Co., E. T., Portland, Me.

(See page 261.) COLLINS-AKEHURST-See American Pneu

WOOD WHEELS matic Hub Wheel Co. DE JARNETTE—See Eby Mfg. Co.

ARCHIBALD Wheel Co., Lawrence, Mass. EBY Mfg. Co., York, Neb. "DeJarnette."

EAMES & Co., A, M., S. Framingham, Mass. EMERGENCY Wheel & Novelty Co., 625

EMPIRE Wheel Works, 174 South St., Utica, Huron Ave., Port Huron, Mich.

N. Y, (See page 363.)

HAGERSTOWN Spoke & Bending Co., WalIRON Tire Pneumatic Wheel Co., 251 Fifth

nut & Church Sts., Hagerstown, Md. Ave., New York, N. Y.

HOOPES Bros. & Darlington, West Chester.

NELSON Wheel Co., 141-43 E. Ontario St.,
Chicago, Ill.

IMPERIAL Wheel Co., Flint, Mich. PULLWIN Wheel Co., 37 Colony St., Meri JAMESVILLE Mfg. Co., Jamesville, N. Y. den, Conn.

JONES & Co., Phineas, Newark, N. J. RUTHERFORD Pneumatic Wheel Co., (See page opposite.) Stamford, Conn.

MEEKER Mfg. Co., Linden & Hoffman Sts., SCHNEIDER Mfg. Co., 42 Broadway, New Dayton, 0. York, N. Y.

MUTUAL Wheel Co., 709 Third Ave., Moline, SPARE Motor Wheel of America, Har Ill. vester Bldg., Chicago, Ill. “Stepney." (See page 231.)

NATIONAL Wheel Co., Jackson, Mich. STEPNEY--See Spare Motor Wheel Co.

NEW Haven Carriage Co., Water & Frank

lin Sts., New Haven, Conn. PARAGON-See City Machine Co.

PRUDDEN & Co., W. K., Lansing. Mich. STEEL DISC WHEELS

SALISBURY Wheel & Mfg. Co., James

town, N. 1. FOUCH Disc Wheel Co., Tribune Bldg., Min. (See page opposite.) neapolis, Minn.

SCHWARZ Wheel Co., Glenwood Ave., above INDESTRUCTIBLE Steel Wheel Co., 1221 20th St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill. (See page opposite.)

SENDELBACH Wheel Co., East St. Louis.

SHORTSVILLE Wheel Co., Shortsville, N. Y.

UNION City Wheel Co., Union City, Ind.

WAPAKONETA Wheel Co., Wapakoneta, O. BRISCOE Mfg. Co., Detroit, Mich., & WESTON-MOTT Co., Hamilton & Industrial Newark, N. J.

Aves., Flint, Mich. (See page 51.)

WHEEL & Wood Bending Co., 141 John St. BRYANT & Berry Co., 34 W. Atwater St Bridgeport, Conn. Detroit, Mich.

ZWICK & Greenwald Wheel Co., Linden & BYRNE, Kingston & Co., Kokomo, Ind.

Hoffman Sts., Dayton, O.

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