The Who That I Am

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C&c Enterprises, Aug 24, 2021 - Juvenile Nonfiction - 34 pages
This light and colorfully illustrated children's rhyming book encourages us to be ourselves fully and truly.

In this thought-provoking book, children follow a young elephant who shares the "who" that they are by sharing their feelings, experiences, and dreams. Our young elephant friend openly allows the love within to shine through each moment. This is who they are, and no box can fit all of them! By the end of the book the young elephant discovers that, although they are beautifully unique in their being, their feelings, dreams, and experiences can be similar to those of others. A sort of 'oneness' connects us to each other in life. This realization helps our young elephant friend find comfort, knowing that we all share similarities and can share the same love within us too!

What amazing things we can all accomplish when we feel confident to be the "who" that we are inside, without judgement or fear! And share with each other the love within ourselves too!

By being ourselves and embracing love, we bring forth our light to shine into this world. We become everything we want to be, and more. Simultaneously we begin to see that the feelings, experiences, and dreams we have are shared with others too. And when we realize these similarities in each other we begin to notice how we are all connected through them and through love.

CYNTHIA CARLA has a deep respect for all life, and the unified love we all share with each other. Cynthia wrote The Who That I Am when she took time to sit with her inner light and allow the uniqueness that is within her to shine. She hopes this book will give love and comfort to each soul (child and adult) who reads it. With a universal meaning of loving ourselves and each other, this book comes with some of the verses that may have additional meanings. Cynthia's wish is that these pages become a fun and educational tool to discuss the meaning behind the words. For example, what does it mean to feel "round" or "flat"? What emotions do you relate with these words? When would someone feel these emotions and how can we support each other? It's not just for young children. Even adults can learn a lot from simple questions like these. What a wonderful world we can share when we live with love and communication!

Cynthia lives alongside the ocean and her wildlife friends with her fun and loving fur-babies and husband. She sends all her love to each and every one of you! Shine bright, shine through, with love.

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