On Diseases of the Skin: A System of Cutaneous Medicine

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Lea, 1868 - Skin - 792 pages
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Page 826 - YELLOW FEVER, considered in its Historical, Pathological, Etiological, and Therapeutical Relations. Including a Sketch of the Disease as it has occurred in Philadelphia from 1699 to 1854, with an examination of the connections between it and the fevers known under the same name in other parts of temperate as well as in tropical regions.
Page 238 - In about twelve hours it will be seen whether the solution has been well applied. If any inflamed part be unaffected, the solution must be immediately reapplied.
Page 33 - I counted the perspiratory pores on the palm of the hand, and found 3,528 in a square inch. Now, each of these pores being the aperture of a little tube of about a quarter of an inch long, it follows that in a square inch of skin on the palm of the hand, there exists a length of tube equal to 882 inches, or 73 feet.
Page 833 - We will only add that the student will learn from It all he need to know, and the practitioner will find It, as a book of reference, surpassed by none other.
Page 826 - A TREATISE ON FEVER; or, selections from a course of Lectures on Fever. Being part of A course of Theory and Practice of Medicine. In one neat octavo volume, of 362 pages, extra cloth; $2 25.
Page 33 - Taken separately, the little perspiratory tube, with its appended gland, is calculated to awaken in the mind very little idea of the importance of the system to which it belongs ; but when the vast number of similar organs composing this system are considered, we are lead to form some notion, however imperfect, of their probable influence on the health and comfort of the individual. I use the words " imperfect notion," advisedly, for the reality surpasses imagination and almost belief.
Page 813 - Medica, and Chemistry into a single manual ; but the operation has signally failed in the hands of all up to the advent of " Neill and Smith's" volume, which is quite a miracle of success. The outlines of the whole are admirably drawn and illustrated, and the authors are eminently entitled to the grateful consideration of the student of every class.
Page 167 - What are you saying, sire?" exclaimed Emmanuel, astounded. half of my reputation; yet, more than all that, look you, this disease which human strength cannot long resist; this disease which medicine cannot cure; this frightful, inexorable, cruel disease, which invades the body from the crown of the head to the sole of the feet, which contracts the nerves with intolerable pains, which penetrates the bones, freezes the marrow, and converts into solid chalk the beneficent oil spread through our joints...
Page 69 - A permanent discolouration of some portion of the skin, often with a change of its texture, but not connected with any disorder of the constitution.
Page 826 - AN ATLAS OF VENEREAL DISEASES. Translated and Edited by FREEMAN J. BUMSTEAD. In one large imperial 4to. volume of 328 pages, double-columns, with 26 plates, containing about 150 figures, beautifully colored, many of them the size of life; strongly bound in cloth, $17 00 ; also, in five parts, stout wrappers for mailing, at $3 per part.

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