The ABC universal commercial electric telegraphic code

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Page i - CLAUSEN-THUE, W. The ABC Universal Commercial Electric Telegraphic Code; specially adapted for the use of Financiers, Merchants, Ship-owners, Brokers, Agents, etc.
Page 477 - Reviews, &c., at the same rates at at the offices of the papers. Estimates for General Advertising. Reduction for a series. Liberal terms to large advertisers. Advertisements are also received for all newspapers, which may be addressed to these Offices, without extra charge, and replies forwarded, if required.
Page 357 - Limited. Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China. Chartered Mercantile Bank of India, London and China.
Page 331 - LAMB— Roasted, Cutlets, Lamb and Peas, &c. ENTREES— Salmi Pheasant, Partridge or Grouse, Roast ditto, Civet of Hare, Curry of Rabbit, &c. YORKSHIRE PIES, GAME PIES, POTTED MEATS, TONGUES, OXFORD SAUSAGES, ETC.
Page 331 - MUTTON— Roasted, Boiled, Haricot, Hashed, Irish Stew, Cutlets, &c. CHICKEN— Curry, Chicken and Rice, Chicken Broth. LAMB— Roasted, Cutlets, Lamb and Peas, &c.
Page vi - Very frequently a single Code word represents a complete message, and in other cases a Code word would represent from four or five to upwards of twenty ordinary words. The saving effected on a single foreign message would therefore in many cases more than repay the cost of a copy of the volume, and in a short time the saving would be quite a hundredfold. It will, of course, be...
Page vi - The SECRECY of the message between two persons can be made absolute, even though any other person may have every command of the telegram and of the contents of the volume. Every sentence is identified with a Code Number of five figures to be found in 1234567890, which can be represented by a word, sentence, or group of ten different letters of the alphabet, after the same manner as a tradesman places a private mark on his goods to denote price, &c. All that is necessary is that the two persons shall...
Page 4 - Why will you not accept Shall I (we) accept his (their) offer You had better accept his (their) offer You had better accept if better cannot be done You had better not accept You had better not accept further orders at present Accept subject to approval of...
Page 334 - New 2i per Cents 3 per Cent. Consols 3 per Cent. Reduced New 3 per Cents New 3J per Cents New 5 per Cents Annuities Expiring 1880 Annuities Expiring 1885 Jan.

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